Calif. Lawmakers OK Bill To Let Transgender Students Decide Restroom PreferenceThe bill would make the state the first to give youths the right "to participate in sex-segregated programs, activities and facilities" based on their self-perception, regardless of their birth gender.
County OKs Naming Rights To Portions Of Hollywood Bowl If you've ever wanted to see your name in lights, this could be your chance.
Beverly Hills Hotel Boycott Aimed At Alleged 'State-Sponsored Homophobia' Gay rights activists on Wednesday called for a boycott of the Beverly Hills Hotel, citing the hotel owner's ties to alleged "state-sponsored homophobia."
STAPLES Center Named Top Veggie-Friendly NBA Arena When it comes to enjoying sporting events meat-free, Lakers and Clippers fans have a lot to celebrate, according to a new survey released Wednesday.
Dinner With Betty: 'Cleveland' Star Auctions Date For SPCA BenefitBetty White wants to take you out to dinner - as long as it's not a steakhouse.
LAPD Trace Leads To Arrest Of Gay Rights Activist On Child Porn Charges
Landlord Underwater? What To Do If You're Renting A Foreclosed HomeWhat happens when you're renting a house and the owner goes into foreclosure?
End Of The Traveling Circus? Activists, Celebs Say Animals OverworkedAnimal rights activists who want to put an end to the traditional traveling circus are getting some support from a few Hollywood celebrities.
MLB Asks Bankruptcy Judge To Order Sale Of DodgersMajor League Baseball has asked a bankruptcy judge to order the sale of the Dodgers, according to the Los Angeles Times.
West Hollywood Becomes 1st-Ever US City To Ban Sale Of FurCity Council members voted Tuesday to approve an ordinance that prohibits the sale of animal hair, wool or fur as clothing or other personal attire.
'Anti-Mutilation' Group Calls For Santa Monica Ban On Male CircumcisionThe ban, which would even extend to procedures performed for religious purposes, is aimed at supplementing existing California law that prohibits female genital mutilation and extending that protection to young boys.