Appeals Court Rules For California In Energy Crisis ClaimA panel of the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals ruled on Wednesday that the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission improperly dismissed the claim by California officials.
Judges Urge $94M In Refunds For Utility Customers Due To San Onofre ShutdownCalifornia regulators are recommending $94 million in refunds for Southern California utility customers for reduced operating costs at the now-closed San Onofre nuclear power plant.
How (Not) To Get AuditedIt's time to talk taxes: 1099 forms have gone out and you should be organizing your paperwork and getting ready to pay the taxman.
Avoid The Most Common Tax MistakesAvoid the most common tax mistakes to get a faster refund.
Where's My Refund? IRS Tool Answers That QuestionThe Internal Revenue Service has a message for taxpayers eager to learn the status of their tax refund: Please don't check the IRS website every five minutes — once a day is enough.
Basic Errors That Can Delay Your Tax RefundMillions of people are getting a jump on filing their tax returns now that they have received their W-2s and 1099 forms. And for most, the incentive to get moving is to get that tax refund in their bank account as soon as possible.
Judge Upholds Refunds In Market Manipulation ProbeThe interim ruling would force utilities including Southern California Edison and Pacific Gas & Electric to repay customers for an unprecedented rise in prices.
Glendale To Collect $157,000 In Unclaimed Tax Refund, Rebate ChecksGlendale’s City Council made it official Tuesday night – $157,000 in unclaimed, uncashed refund and rebate checks from the city to residents and businesses are being put back into Glendale’s general fund coffers.

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