Botched Freeway Sign Sets Off Ongoing 'Los Feliz' DebateA Reddit post about a misspelled "Los Feliz" sign on the 5 Freeway quickly set off a debate about how the city's name ought to be pronounced.
E!: Kim Kardashian Possibly Latest Victim Of Celeb HackingKim Kardashian may be the latest celebrity to have had nude photos surface online after being hacked, according to a report by E! online.
Occidental College’s Online Sexual Assault Form Spammed With Bogus ReportsIn the wake of an investigation into how Occidental College handles sexual misconduct claims, officials say an anonymous online sex assault form was spammed with bogus reports.
Mayor-Elect Eric Garcetti To Hold Online Forum ThursdayMayor-elect Eric Garcetti will hold an online forum with Angelenos on Thursday.
LA Landlord Reduces Rent For Tenants During Holiday SeasonA landlord of a Los Angeles apartment complex is spreading holiday cheer.
Homeless Man Who Handed Out Resumes Gets Hired By Roofing CompanyChristopher Boyd, a homeless Los Angeles man who handed out his resume along local freeways, has been hired.
President Obama Hosts 'Ask Me Anything' Session On RedditPresident Barack Obama is doing an AMA—“Ask Me Anything” session on the popular website Reddit Wednesday.
'Dark Knight Rises' Fuels Online Fury Between Critics, FansMessage forums across the internet have become virtual minefields for fans and critics of Christopher Nolan's final chapter in his Batman trilogy.
Failure At Data Center Takes Down Several Web SitesThere are still problems accessing some web sites, because of trouble earlier Thursday at a data center run by