Calif. Voters Concerned About Economy, GovernmentAnxiety about the economy and unhappiness with government were not enough to dissuade Californians from electing two veteran politicians in the state's marquee races.
California Voters Ponder Pot LegislationCalifornia voters evaluated Tuesday whether it was high time or a dopey idea to make their state the first to legalize recreational marijuana use and sales.
Poll: Calif. Pot, Climate Change Props In TroubleA new poll finds the attempt to make California the first state to legalize the recreational use of marijuana is floundering just days before voters head to the polls.
Authorities Warn About Pot-Laced Halloween TreatsThe Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department is warning parents to be on the lookout for marijuana-laced treats that may be handed out over the Halloween weekend.
Poll: 51 Percent Of Californians Oppose Prop. 19A Los Angeles Times/USC poll is showing that about half of the likely voters asked say they will vote against Proposition 19, the ballot initiative that would legalize recreational marijuana use in California.
Feds Oppose Calif. Prop 19 To Legalize MarijuanaAttorney General Eric Holder says the federal government will enforce its marijuana laws in California even if the state's voters approve a ballot measure to legalize the drug.
Calif. Pot Legalization Fight Fails To Attract MoneyIf marijuana becomes big business in California, it likely won't be because of big donations to a ballot measure to legalize the drug.
Calif. Measure Shows State's Conflicted Link To PotCalifornia has a long history of defying conventional wisdom on the issue of marijuana, including its embrace of the drug in the 1960s and its landmark medical pot law 14 years ago.
California's Largest Union Endorses Pot LegalizationCalifornia's largest labor union is endorsing a November ballot initiative that would legalize marijuana.
Ex-Officers, Judges Support Marijuana Legalization A group of former law enforcement officials on Monday endorsed a November ballot measure that would legalize marijuana in California.