L.A.’s Hospitality Industry Targets Masterful Business ManagersDr. Angela Young, a professor at California State University, Los Angeles, says proficient business managers in L.A. are well-rounded, fine-tuned and multi-skilled.
Qualified Probation Officers Earn Hefty Paychecks In L.A.Dr. Michael Willard says California State University, Los Angeles, is actively equipping students with what they need in order to land sustainable and lucrative roles as probation officers.
L.A.’s Business Culture Feels The Impact Of Social MediaCSULA’s Dr. Michael Germano says social media traffickers, who are tech-savvy and can create inviting online content, are valuable assets to Los Angeles’ socialistic business community.
Criminal Justice Education Helps L.A. Students Secure JobsDr. Denise Herz, a professor at California State University, Los Angeles, says the best way to lock down a lasting career within L.A.’s criminal justice system is to seek higher education.
L.A.’s Meteorologists Rely Heavily On Evolving TechnologySteve LaDochy says job opportunities are ample in greater L.A. for tech-savvy meteorologists who are skilled in math, physics and computer science.
The Job Outlook For L.A.’s Meteorologists Is Partly SunnyPierce College’s Jason Finley says today's meteorologists in Los Angeles must understand the prominence of social media and excel in the areas of math, science and computer technology.
L.A.’s Marketing Students Prepare For A Projected Employment BoonDr. Tye W. Jackson says CSULA is getting prospective marketing managers ready for an anticipated spike in the number of upcoming job opportunities by teaching them powerful techniques that work.
Criminal Justice System Offers A Plethora Of New Jobs In L.A.Dr. James David Ballard, a professor at California State University, Northridge, says CSUN is updating its curriculum to help its students secure rewarding jobs within L.A.’s criminal justice system.
LMU Prof. Michael Genovese Weighs In On Controversy Surrounding Executive Order On ImmigrationLoyola Marymount University Professor Michael Genovese stopped by KCAL9 Saturday to discuss the context surrounding the issue.
Caltech Professor Alleges Retaliation For Alerting Feds To Suspected Violations At JPLThe lawsuit filed by Dr. Sandra Troian alleges the physics professor faced retaliation for telling the FBI that she suspected illegal activities at the university-managed NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory.
L.A.'s Mathematical Science Teaching Jobs Equate To Profitable CareersCSULA’s Dr. Debasree Raychaudhuri says post-secondary institutions throughout Los Angeles are always in need of mathematical science instructors, especially part-timers.
Industrial Designers Are Essential To L.A.'s Business CommunityCSULA’s Dr. Mauricio Castillo says because metro L.A. leads the pack in the business areas of manufacturing and production, it’s a great place to launch a career as an industrial designer.
L.A.’s Geography Job Market Is Reaching Peak DemandDr. Hengchun Ye, of CSULA, says in order for geographers to compete for a projected blast of upcoming job openings in LA.
LA Criminalist Professor Advises Students To 'Excel In Science, Math'Veteran criminalist Donald Johnson says the criminal justice system is in need of sharp forensic scientists that excel in science, math and computer technology.
Huge Job Growth Projected For LA Sign Language InterpretersDr. Flavia S. Fleischer, of California State University, Northridge, discusses how CSUN is now preparing students for a huge spike in the number of projected job openings for sign language interpreters.