Container Fees Delayed Another Week With Cargo Movement Improving At Ports Of LA, Long BeachAfter a meeting with the U.S. Port Envoy John Porcari, ocean liner companies, and marine terminal operators, officials say the “container dwell fee” would remain on hold until Dec. 6
Supply Chain Crisis Causing Shortage Of Donated Toys For Children In NeedLinda Moran and her twin sister, Brenda Wilson, say their annual Children's Christmas Store, which serves some 2,000 children in need, is woefully under-supplied this year and in need of donations.
Naval Base Ventura County Activates Joint-Use Agreement With Port Of Hueneme To Help Ease Shipping BottleneckThe activated agreement authorizes commercial use of Wharf 3 onboard Naval Base Ventura County, including approximately 21 acres of contiguous land, buildings 546 and 548, and if available, another 10 acres of industrial land located outside the Wharf 3 area.
Ports Of LA, Long Beach Delay Fines Again For Idling CargoDozens of cargo ships have been anchored offshore from the ports of L.A. and Long Beach for months, leading to a supply chain crisis nationwide. The logjam is due partly to the shortage of warehouse workers and truck drivers to pick up goods.
Newsom Announces Measures To Ease Bottlenecked Ports Of Los Angeles And Long BeachThe immediate concern, however, is getting the logjam of containers unloaded so that they can get goods to consumers in time for the holidays.
'Significant Improvement': Ports of LA, Long Beach Delay Fines After Seeing 26% Reduction In Cargo On DocksA fine schedule aimed at moving idle shipping containers was announced on Oct. 25. Since then, officials say both ports have seen a 26% decline in aging cargo on the docks.
New Fines For Empty Shipping Containers At Ports Of LA, Long Beach Start MondayThe “harbor tariff,” as described by the Los Angeles City Council, will fine shipping companies that leave empty containers at the port for more than six or nine days depending on where the containers are headed. If the containers remain past the deadline it is a $100 initial fine and an additional $100 for every subsequent day they remain. 
Back In Public Eye: Governor Gavin Newsom Makes First Public Appearance In Two WeeksAfter backing out of a high-profile trip to the World Climate Conference, rumors and conspiracy theories began to emerge online about the Governor's handling of the job.
'Escape California. Everyone Is Doing It': Gov. Greg Abbott Urges Cargo Ships To Set Sail For Texas PortsAbbott on Wednesday invited companies to redirect their cargo ships that are waiting to get into the backlogged ports off California and send them to the Lone Star state’s ports.
Fines To Begin Monday For Unmoved Containers At Ports Of LA, Long BeachThe new fines are designed to get the logjammed supply chain moving again.
Feuer Calls for National Guard Assistance To Help With Backlog At Port of Los AngelesLA City Attorney Mike Feuer has called for the National Guard to assist in the port backlog dilemma, as many ships have now been waiting on anchor for an average of 13 days.