'Pokemon Go' Players Now Have Chance To Earn Cash If They Lose WeightPlayers of the vastly popular "Pokemon Go" app now have a chance to win big and lose weight in the process.
Profitable Trend: Here's How To Use Pokémon Go To Give Your Small Business A BoostThere are a number of ways savvy small business owners can cash in on Pokémon Go, the hottest thing in mobile gaming right now.
College Athlete Stopped By Police At Gunpoint While Playing Pokemon Go After They Mistook Him For Bank RobberA student and football player at the University of Iowa reveals that police drew their guns on him while he was playing Pokemon Go in a park after mistaking him for a bank robbery suspect.
Idea Of Pokemon Go Dating App Delights Some, Nauseates OthersWhile the new app is still only a few days old, according to the creator, it already has exceeded 10,000 matches with 7,500 active users.
Pokemon Go Players Walk Among The DeadA cemetery superintendent in Modesto says gamers are walking on graves, leaving trash and disrupting funeral services. He hopes the graveyard will be removed as a Pokemon stop.
Attention Pokémon Chasers: Police, Fire Officials Want You To Stop Calling 911If you're chasing Pokémon , Southland authorities want you to know they're not playing games with their facilities.
'Pokémon Go' Sends Gamers To Home Of Sex OffendersThe addictive cellphone game "Pokemon Go" has led people to unlikely places to collect digital monsters — including the gates of a Central California ranch that houses alcoholics and sex offenders.
Transient Allegedly Annoying Children Playing Pokémon Go Wanted For Attempted MurderA man suspected of attempted murder also faces charges for allegedly trying to touch children with a plastic flower as they played Pokemon Go at a playground in Fullerton.
Sheriff's Deputies Offer Safety Tips For Pokemon Go PlayersPokemon Go, a smartphone game app that has become a sensation on social media, leads players to physically seek out virtual Pokemon characters in real world settings by using smartphone cameras.
Wildly Popular Pokemon GO Leading To Unintended ConsequencesSince its release last Wednesday, the wildly popular Pokemon GO game has sent throngs of players all across cities nationwide in search of characters like Pikachu.
Metro Hops On 'Pokémon Go' Train To Promote TransitMetro is hoping to entice some new riders by promoting the transit system as a good place to "catch 'em all."