Lawyers Detail Recovery Of Children In Perris Torture CaseThe younger six are split between two foster homes. The seven adult siblings are in a nearby medical center.
Judge Bars Parents From Contacting 13 Kids Who Were Tortured, ChainedA judge has prohibited David and Louise Turpin - who are accused of torturing their 13 children and keeping them chained to beds for months - from seeing their children.
Donations Pour In For 13 Siblings Held Captive In CaliforniaA spokeswoman for the Riverside University Health Systems Foundation said the fund had received 1,514 donations and more than $120,000.
Parents In Perris Torture Case Had Reality TV AspirationsLouise Turpin's brother said she told him their family was perfect for TV.
Neighbors Of Perris Torture House Try To Channel Pain Into ActionMany are still struggling with how something so horrific could have happened so close to home.
Details Of Children's Torture, Abuse Unleashes Outpouring Of SupportThe home where the Turpin children endured abuse and torture allegedly at the hands of their own parents has become a memorial of sorts, where members of the community have been leaving candles, stuffed animals, and notes of love and support.
'I Never Heard Them': Neighbors Recall Turpin Children As Quiet, Skittish During Rare SightingsNearly all the residents in a Perris neighborhood expressed disbelief that anyone even lived in the nondescript Turpin home, much less with so many children. Many recalled never seeing more than three at a time.
Couple Charged In Perris Torture Case: 'This Is Depraved Conduct'Prosecutors say the Perris couple accused of torture would punish their 13 children for weeks or months at a time.
Riverside Sheriff: No 'Legitimate' GoFundMe Accounts Associated With Perris ChildrenThe Riverside County Sheriff’s Department – which is the lead law enforcement agency on the case – says no such crowdfunding accounts have been set up and associated with the family.
Lawmaker Calls For Homeschool Oversight After Torture Of Perris Children Is UncoveredThe Riverside County home where authorities say two parents tortured their 13 children had doubled as a private school for the siblings but faced no government oversight and was never inspected by education officials.
Girl, 17, Credited With Tipping Off Authorities To Perris House Of HorrorsA 17-year-old girl escaped the home through a window and called 911 on a deactivated phone.