People Making A Difference: Teens Start Virtual Tutoring Service To Help Kids Stuck At Home During Coronavirus PandemicHigh school juniors Sarah Shapiro and Skye Loventhal did not let the quarantine stop them from pursuing their studies and coming up with a strategy to help others.
People Making A Difference: Strangers Stage Driveway Production For Senior Missing Out On Final High School MusicalFourth grade teacher Stacey Hunter had never met the teen, but after reading her story on Facebook, she knew she had to do something.
People Making A Difference: Teachers Give It Their All To Reach Students Amid Coronavirus PandemicWhile remote learning has posed its fair share of challenges — spotty WiFi, dropped signals and issues with the mute button — these teachers, like countless others across the nation, continue to show up for their students.
People Making A Difference: One Hope Wine Supporting Workers In Wake Of Coronavirus PandemicOne Hope Wine has already raised more than $50,000 for micro-grants and $30,0000 for comfort packages.
People Making A Difference: MPTF Retirement Community Staff Get Creative To Keep Seniors Connected Amid Coronavirus PandemicDue to the coronavirus pandemic, socially-driven programs at the MPTF Retirement Community have come to a halt, but the staff have found a way to keep the residents connected during the quarantine.
People Making A Difference: The Literacy Club Finds New Ways To Deliver Books In Wake Of Coronavirus PandemicSince the quarantine began, the Chadwicks have given away 20,000 books to children in need.
People Making A Difference: Couple Helping Families Of Children With Traumatic Brain Injuries Make Ends Meet Amid Coronavirus PandemicFamilies across the globe are feeling the devastating financial impact due to loss of employment caused by the coronavirus, but one Culver City couple is helping struggling families of children with traumatic brain injuries make ends meet.
People Making A Difference: Nonprofit Provides More Than A Haircut For HomelessDespite being a busy salon owner, when a client asked Maggie Goodner to volunteer her services with the homeless, she didn't hesitate.
People Making A Difference: SoCal Mom Carries On Daughter's Legacy Of Helping Others Battle Cystic FibrosisClaire wanted her foundation to ease the financial burdens of families with children living with cystic fibrosis.
People Making A Difference: Long Beach Man Moves To Tanzania To Support Nonprofit HospitalDriven by a desire to give back to the medical profession, a Long Beach man uprooted his life to move to rural Tanzania to help a nonprofit hospital spread its message even further.
People Making A Difference: Nonprofit Helps People Achieve Hollywood Dreams While Providing Second ChancePeople in the film and television industry often say, "You have to know somebody," to get your foot in the door, but this non-profit organization is helping people attain the Hollywood dream — and a second chance at life.