SpaceX Postpones Launch Of Four More Astronauts to Space Station Due To Northeastern StormSpaceX postponed the launch of four more NASA astronauts to the International Space Station due to inclement weather.
NASA Rover Records Sounds From MarsNASA's Perseverance Rover has recorded over five hours worth of audio from the surface of Mars, the first-ever spacecraft recorded audio from The Red Planet.
Vandenberg Launches 2,000th Rocket MondayThe United Launch Alliance Atlas V 401 rocket is carrying the NASA Landsat 9 observatory into orbit.
Historic: NASA Rover Produces Oxygen On Surface Of MarsThe Perseverance was able to create 5 grams of oxygen, which would provide about 10 minutes of oxygen for an astronaut.
First Person Of Color To Set Foot On The Moon Under NASA's Artemis ProgramThe first person of color will land on the moon under the Artemis program, NASA has announced.
NASA Helicopter Lifts Off On Mars, Makes History With First Ever Flight On Another PlanetAfter overcoming an earlier software glitch, NASA's $80 million Ingenuity helicopter spun up its carbon-composite rotors and lifted off the dusty surface of Mars early Monday to become the first aircraft to fly on another planet.
High-Definition Panorama Taken By Mars Rover Perseverance Shows Crater Rim, Cliff Face Of Ancient River DeltaThe 360-degree panorama was beamed back to Earth by the rover’s Mastcam-Z instrument. It was stitched together from 142 images and reveals the crater rim and cliff face of an ancient river delta in the distance, according to NASA.
NASA Releases New Video, Audio From Rover's Arrival On MarsEver wondered what it's like to land on Mars? Thanks to the NASA's Perseverance Mars Rover, people across the world can see for themselves.
NASA Rover Perseverance Lands Safely On Mars ThursdayThe rover is also equipped with a mini helicopter that will become the first ever flown on another planet.
NASA, SpaceX To Team Up For Mission Exploring Origins Of The UniverseThe mission, called Spectro-Photometer for the History of the Universe, Epoch of Reionization and Ices Explorer, or SPHEREx, is targeted for launch in June 2024.
'It's Awe-Inspiring': Astronaut Victor Glover Talks About First Month On ISSSouthern California native and Ontario High School graduate Victor Glover has been working on the International Space Station for nearly a month an a half.