Remains Of Mountain Lion Known As P-55 FoundThe lion’s cause of death is not known. According to National Park Service Ranger Kate Kuykendall, P-55’s collar had failed to signal his death, and by the time biologists found his remains, they were already too decomposed to make a determination.
Santa Monica Mountain Lion Remarkably Found Alive After Mother’s DeathP-54’s mother was hit and killed by a car on Malibu Canyon Road.
Mountain Lion Caught After Hunkering Down In Backyard Of Azusa HomeThe female mountain lion, who is blind in one eye, was safely tranquilized. Police used a drone to monitor the animal during the ordeal.
Mountain Lion Caught In Rare Sighting Crossing 101 FreewayThe mountain lion known as P-64 was documented crossing the 101 Freeway in the Liberty Canyon area of Agoura Hills.
Mountain Lion Who Had Caught Deer On Mulholland Highway Found DeadA mountain lion made famous when she was photographed on top of a deer she had caught has been found dead after being struck by a car days earlier.
Burned Mountain Lion Cub To Stay In Captivity In CaliforniaThe inexperience of the cub — only 5 months old when found alone, skinny and with all four paws burned in December — makes it unlikely he could survive on his own.
California Adopts Three-Strikes Policy For Marauding Mountain LionsMountain lions that kill pets and livestock in Southern California will no longer be automatically targeted for death.
Dead Mountain Lion Had Several Rat Poisons In His SystemP-41, whose remains were found in the Verdugo Mountains, had six types of rat poisons in his system, a necropsy determined.
New Puma Discovered In Santa Monica Mountains; Older Mountain Lion Found DeadP-61, a 1 ½ year-old male, was captured last week on the east end of the mountains.
Fontana Police Kill Charging Mountain LionPolice say they saw the mountain lion near the rear of a home and shot it when the animal charged.
Mountain Lion Found Dead Near Verdugo MountainsWildlife officials said that the recent La Tuna Fire may have contributed to the mountain lion's death.
Mountain Lion Desperate For Love Safely Crosses 101 FreewayP55 is the fourth-known mountain lion to have crossed the 101 and lived to tell the tale through a GPS tracking collar.
Mountain Lion Nearly Stumbles Into Backyard Spa A mountain lion nearly stumbled into a spa in Newbury Park last Saturday morning.
Mountain Lion P-50 Found After Missing For MonthsFor the first time in months we're getting our first look at P-50, which the Department of Fish and Wildlife lost track of until Friday.
Remarkable Video Shows Mountain Lion Dragging Deer In Verdugo MountainsThe region’s freeway network has served to isolate the mountain lion population, biologists say.