Mountain Lion Struck And Killed On 5 Freeway Near CastaicCalifornia Highway Patrol reported the dead mountain lion on the southbound side of the freeway at Templin Highway. 
Mountain Lion Struck And Killed On The 405 Freeway In The Sepulveda PassA mountain lion who successfully crossed the 405 two months ago wasn't so lucky this time and was struck and killed by a car
P-65 'Makes History' As Second Collared Female Mountain Lion To Cross 101 FreewayP-65, a female mountain lion fitted with a radio collar, crossed the busy freeway on Aug. 21 between midnight and 2 a.m., according to National Park Service biologists.
Mountain Lion P-61 Successfully Crosses 405 Freeway In Sepulveda PassP-61’s successful crossing is in the same general vicinity where another mountain lion, P-18, was struck and killed by a car in 2011 and an uncollared lion suffered the same fate in 2009.
Mountain Lion Spotted In Pasadena BackyardAuthorities are investigating a report of a mountain lion in a Pasadena residential area.
Rat Poison Could Be Linked To Skin Disease In Santa Monica Mountain LionsSince 2002, only five mountain lions in the Santa Monica Mountains have contracted mange. Two of them died of rat poisoning.
Mountain Lion Escapes After Being Found Trapped In Chicken CoopThe mountain lion had attacked and killed one of the chickens. A sheriff’s deputy who responded to the scene snapped a photo of the mountain lion looking surly behind chicken wire.
Brentwood Homeowner Meets Face-To-Face With Mountain Lion That Broke Through WindowNeighbors say they're shocked something like this happened, but there had been indications it could -- there had been reports of a bobcat running in the hills in the past week or so. But the big cat that got into William Nichols' house was definitely a mountain lion.
Mountain Lion Wanders Around Inside Colorado Home, Kills House Cat
Mountain Lion Cub Roams Pacific Palisades NeighborhoodThe cub was found perched in a tree. Officials believe the cub’s mother is nearby.
Woman Claims Telepathy Helped Get Napping Cougar Out Of Her HouseAn Oregon woman's encounter with a napping mountain lion in her home has become a social media sensation.
Remains Of Mountain Lion Known As P-55 FoundThe lion’s cause of death is not known. According to National Park Service Ranger Kate Kuykendall, P-55’s collar had failed to signal his death, and by the time biologists found his remains, they were already too decomposed to make a determination.
Santa Monica Mountain Lion Remarkably Found Alive After Mother’s DeathP-54’s mother was hit and killed by a car on Malibu Canyon Road.
Mountain Lion Caught After Hunkering Down In Backyard Of Azusa HomeThe female mountain lion, who is blind in one eye, was safely tranquilized. Police used a drone to monitor the animal during the ordeal.
Mountain Lion Caught In Rare Sighting Crossing 101 FreewayThe mountain lion known as P-64 was documented crossing the 101 Freeway in the Liberty Canyon area of Agoura Hills.