P-22 Found Healthy, In Good Condition After 9 Years Of Living In Griffith ParkP-22, now more than 11 years old, was captured on Feb. 12 so his GPS radio collar’s battery could be replaced before it failed, according to National Park Service researchers.
Young Mountain Lion Discovered In Santa Monica MountainsP-95 was fitted with a GPS radio-collar and released back into the wild. He is one of 10 mountain lions being tracked by researchers in the Santa Monica Mountains.
Controversial Housing Development To Be Built On Possible Mountain Lion HabitatThe Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors was sent a letter Tuesday warning of a possible mountain lion dwelling where the controversial Northlake housing development is expected to be built. 
Newsom Signs Bill Banning Toxic Rat Poisons Linked To Dead Mountain Lions In Santa Monica MountainsRat poisons have been suspected in several mountain lion deaths in the Santa Monica Mountains over the past few years.
Mountain Lion Found Dead On 101 Freeway In Calabasas After Apparently Being Struck By CarThe California Highway Patrol’s West Valley division posted a photo on Facebook of what appears to be a young, uncollared mountain lion along the the eastbound 101 Freeway at Parkway Calabasas.
Famous Mountain Lion P-22 Spotted Wandering Beachwood Canyon NeighborhoodCity park rangers used the big cat's GPS tracking confirmed that it was none other than P-22. They said the famous feline normally spends most of his time in Griffith Park, but often walks through nearby neighborhoods looking for new places to roam.
P-81 First Mountain Lion Found With Genetic Abnormalities In Santa Monica MountainsFor the first time, a mountain lion has been found with physical abnormalities caused by inbreeding due to the small population of native big cats in the Santa Monica Mountains, National Park Service officials said.
Mountain Lions Recommended For Protection Under California's Endangered Species ActThe recommendation was made by the California Department of Fish and Wildlife and will be taken under consideration by the Fish and Game Commission in April
Mountain Lion Spotted In Simi Valley, According To AuthoritiesA mountain lion was located and removed in Simi Valley, according to authorities.
3-Year-Old Boy Attacked By Mountain Lion In Whiting Ranch Park In Lake Forest, Animal Put DownAccording to the OCFA, a group of six hikers — possibly a family — were in the area when a mountain lion attacked 3-year-old boy, grabbing him by the neck.
Mountain Lion Captured In Simi ValleyThe mountain lion was spotted at about 5 a.m. in the residential areas of Belburn Place and Broadmoore Avenue. Simi Valley police and state Fish and Game wardens found it in a backyard and tranquilized it without further incident.