Beloved Montebello Dairy Broguiere's Being Pushed Out By California RegulationsThe squeeze of California regulations is forcing beloved Montebello dairy Broguiere’s, known for its glass-bottled chocolate milk and egg nog, to shut down.
Montebello Police Cruiser With Loaded AR-15, Shotgun Missing Nearly A WeekA police cruiser containing a loaded AR-15 rifle and a loaded shotgun is still missing Thursday after it was stolen from a Montebello police facility last weekend.
Shotgun-Wielding Man Killed In Montebello Officer-Involved ShootingA suspect carrying a shotgun was shot and killed Thursday afternoon in an officer-involved shooting in Montebello, authorities said.
Montebello Police Officer Dies Of Gunshot From His Own Service WeaponA police officer who died of a gunshot wound at the Montebello Police Department’s headquarters was identified as a recent transplant to Southern California who was looking forward to a new career after serving as a correctional officer.
2 Suspects Arrested In Lupian Murder CaseTwo men are under arrest in the murder of a Montebello man killed while walking home from work.
Fire At Recycling Center In Montebello Sends Plume Of Smoke Into SkyA fire was burning at a recycling center in Montebello Saturday morning.
East LA Gang Member Identified As Serial RobberDetectives say he commits each robbery wearing the same clothes – a skeleton mask and a black hoodie – and uses a revolver-type handgun with a long barrel, before driving away in a black Volkswagen SUV.
Fire Causes Extensive Damage At Eastmont Intermediate School In MontebelloStu Mundel in Sky9 said the fire got to three alarms at one point.
Armed Man Barricades Himself In LA Sheriff’s Cruiser In MontebelloPolice said he was armed with a knife.
2 Former Montebello School Administrators Get Over $3M In Whistleblower LawsuitFormer superintendent of the Montebello Unified School District Susanna Contreras Smith was awarded $2.7 million in damages for what she claimed was a retaliatory termination for calling out "crony" contracts.
Audit Finds Troubled Montebello School District Likely Engaged In FraudIn response, the superintendent said several people would be placed on leave.