Exit Polls Show Trump A Major Factor In 2018 Midterm Election VotingEarly exit poll results suggest that President Donald Trump was a factor that significantly affected voting for the House of Representatives in the 2018 midterm elections.
Here's What To Do If You're Turned Away At The PollsEven if you have the legal right to vote and have done everything to prepare yourself for Election Day, you could still be turned away at the polls.
Counties Trump Visits In Midterms Blitz Don't Reflect The Nation As A WholeThe president has mostly traveled to counties that are whiter, less educated and have lower incomes than the rest of the United States.
Political Experts: Early Signs Pointing To 'Considerably Higher' Midterm Election TurnoutPolitical experts weigh in on how political tension around hot button issues will influence next week's Midterm elections.
Early Voting Locations For Southern California CountiesSouthern Californians looking to vote ahead of the Nov. 6 election can go to a number of locations to cast their ballot.
Trump Rallies Republicans For Ex-Rival 'Beautiful Ted' Cruz In TexasDonald Trump and Ted Cruz appeared on stage in Houston together as allies, as the president campaigns to help Cruz keep his Senate seat.
Brett Kavanaugh's Nomination Could Have Huge Impact On Midterm ElectionsBrett Kavanaugh's nomination to the Supreme Court – and likely confirmation –  could have a huge impact on midterm elections, now about a month away.
Former Vice President Joe Biden To Rally Voters In OC Former Vice President Joe Biden will come to Orange County on Thursday to help energize the campaigns of several Orange County congressional hopefuls.
Obama Gives Blistering Speech Calling On Voters To Push Back Against Cynicism, TrumpFormer President Barack Obama urged Americans to vote this November in a speech on the "state of our democracy".
Fla. Governor Nominee Ron DeSantis Under Fire For 'Monkey It Up' Remark Made While Talking About Black OpponentRon DeSantis is running against Democrat Andrew Gillum, who would be the state's first black governor.
Another Democrat Says He Wouldn't Support Nancy Pelosi For House LeadershipMax Rose is running in New York's 11th Congressional District.