Bright Flash Lights Up SoCal SkyWhat appeared to be a fireball shooting across the night sky prompted a great deal of reaction on social media Monday evening.
Social Media Lights Up With Reports Of Shooting StarOfficials at Vandenberg Air Force Base confirmed they had not launched any sort of rocket or other aircraft.
Green Light Seen Over Southern California Believed To Be MeteorA green light that streaked across the night sky that was seen from the Mexican border to Central California was apparently a meteor or some other heavenly body falling to Earth.
Griffith Observatory Astronomer Says Streak Of Green-Blue Light Over SoCal 'Probably' A MeteoritePeople from all over Southern California reported seeing a greenish-blue light streaking across the sky early Thursday morning.
Many Southern California Residents Tweet Seeing Meteor Streak Across SkyA lot of people in the Southland reported seeing what looked like a meteor streak across the sky on Tuesday night.
Never-Before-Seen Meteor Shower Expected To Light Up Skies Over SoCalSky-watchers in the Southland and across the Northern Hemisphere could be in for a treat as a brand-new meteor shower is expected to light up the night sky, according to NASA officials.
Last Chance To Catch Perseid Meteor Shower In SoCalYou still have one more chance to catch the Perseid meteor shower over the skies of Southern California.
'No Emergencies' Reported After Bright Light Seen In SoCal SkiesA streak of light that apparently sparked several reports across Southern California was not considered to be an public threat, according to fire officials.
NASA: Asteroid, Russian Meteor 'Completely Unrelated'A football-sized space rock is set to pass safely by the Earth on Friday.
'Supermoon', Meteor Shower Set For Saturday Night There's going to be a party in the sky on Cinco de Mayo.
Scientists: It Was Definitely A Meteor You Saw...That mystery in the sky? That looming image shooting across the sky that hundreds of thousands of people saw in the night sky Wednesday?