Rideshare Driver Sentenced To 6 Years In Prison For Raping PassengerA 39-year old rideshare driver was sentenced Tuesday to six years in state prison for sexually assaulting a Los Angeles woman two years ago, the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office announced.
Judge Grants Stay Hours After Lyft Threatens To Suspend Service In California At Midnight ThursdayRideshare companies Lyft and Uber were granted an emergency stay Thursday that delayed an announced suspension of services in California over the state's controversial Assembly Bill 5.
Uber Warns It Could Suspend Service In California By ThursdayThe move is in response to an ongoing legal battle over how the rideshare giant classifies its drivers.
Uber Threatens To Halt Calif. Service Over Judge’s Ruling On AB 5In November, California voters are set to vote on Prop. 22, which would overturn provisions of AB 5 specifically relating to app-based drivers.
Judge Rules In Favor Of Multi-City Lawsuit Against Uber And Lyft Regarding AB 5A federal judge on Monday required ride-sharing companies Uber and Lyft to classify their drivers as employers rather than independent contractors under a new California state law.
Lyft Agrees To Pay Damages, Revise Wheelchair Policies Under Settlement With Department Of JusticeLyft will pay damages ranging from $4,000 to $30,000 to four riders with disabilities and a $40,000 civil penalty, according to the Department of Justice.
Calif. Voters To Decide Whether AB5 Applies To Rideshare DriversUnder the initiative, instead of being categorized as employees, drivers for app-based companies would be provided with “alternative benefits,” including a guaranteed minimum level of pay and healthcare subsidies.
Uber Now Requiring Masks For All Passengers, Drivers; Company Lays Off 3,000 EmployeesDrivers must take a selfie prior to starting their shifts to verify that they are in fact wearing a mask.
California Sues Uber, Lyft For Classifying Drivers As 'Contractors'The two rideshare giants are accused of misclassifying their drivers as “contractors,” depriving them of workplace protections like minimum wage and overtime and access to paid sick leave, disability insurance and unemployment.
Lyft Driver Sues Ride-Sharing Company Over Passenger AttackA Lyft driver is suing the ride-sharing company months after he was allegedly stabbed by a passenger.
88-Year-Old Woman Who Tripped Over Scooter, Fracturing Hip, Sues Lyft And City Of Santa MonicaAn 87-year-old woman who tripped over a Lyft scooter in Santa Monica, fracturing her hip and elbow, was suing the city, the rideshare company, and the Santa Monica Community College District.