Victim Of Catholic Church Sexual Abuse Sues Calif. Bishops Over 'Secret Lists' Of Predator PriestsTom Emens and his lawyers filed a nuisance lawsuit against all California Catholic bishops in an attempt to get archdioceses to release their so-called "secret lists" of predator priests.
Protesters Demand Criminal Investigation, Resignation Of Ex-LA Archbishop Roger MahonyAs they filed out of Sunday mass, parishioners at St. Charles Borromeo Catholic Church in North Hollywood were met by protesters handing out fliers and holding signs demanding former Los Angeles Archbishop Roger Mahony resign as cardinal.
Report: More Than 1,000 Children Abused By Catholic Priests, Including Clergyman Relocated To Los Angeles, San DiegoThe report said more than 300 clergy committed the abuse dating back more than 50 years.
Judge Rules, For Now, No One Can Lay Claim To Los Feliz ConventA judge has announced that the Los Feliz convent that Katy Perry claims she bought from the Los Angeles Catholic Archdiocese may not belong to the pop superstar.
More Priest Files To Be Released In LA Over SummerA judge says Roman Catholic religious orders have until September to release secret files on their priests who were accused of molesting children while working in the Los Angeles archdiocese.
Mahony Talks To Italian Newspaper About Church Sex Abuse ScandalRetired Cardinal Roger Mahony told an Italian newspaper that it’s a positive thing the public knows the truth about “pedophilia in the church.”
Pope Names Gomez Official LA ArchbishopThe pope has made the changing of the Catholic guard in Los Angeles official.
Mahony Hands Over LA Archdiocese To Jose Gomez Cardinal Roger Mahony turned over the reins of the Los Angeles Archdiocese to Archbishop Jose Gomez Sunday at the age of 75.