Scientific Proof, Dogs are Smarter than Cats
Airport Security's Least-Favorite Person of the Week´╗┐So the guy whose jet-ski conked out, so he had to swim and wade on over to JFK airport for help, now has been charged with trespassing.
Perfect Parental Notes for Back-to-School
Skinning Defenseless Small Animals for Fun and ProfitFor her part, the principal reminds that "Animals aren't the only species who are dressed up after they die. We do it to humans too."
Signs the Housing Market is Really in Trouble"Owner ready to croak must sell" would be one sign. Another would be calling your house a 'gem, except for asbestos."
The Business Opportunity of A Lifetime
Urn Your Way to ImmortalityPhotographs show how mourners apparently can unscrew the deceased's head, and store things other than ashes.
Comic-Con is Over: but These Images Will Stay with Us ForeverQuick! Post these profile pictures on Linkedin: they scream "I'm unique!" Boy, do they scream it.
The Greatest Vending Machine, Ever Invented. Ever.
Things That Aren't What They Seem at Your Neighborhood BarAre bartenders getting more clever, or are their customers getting more drunker?
The Perfect Summer Movie His expertise in the sport and the craft of film-making is obvious. Big -time Hollywood will find him soon. See Bro' now, and you can say you saw him first.
Big News! Some Princess Wants You to Buy Some Stuff She LikesWho is the Countess LuAnn de Lesseps, and why -- if she probably has her own castle, back in the old country -- does she have to shill for this, or any product?
Forget "Rampture:" Here's Photo Proof of a REAL SignIt says "I Only Made This To P*** Off The People Behind Me." While this blog cannot condone the use of vulgarities, it is pretty funny.
When Chuck E. Cheese Doesn't Do It: How About A Gun Range?No more Grand Theft Auto for little Cletus: give him a real .45 and see how he does. As long as he can see over the ammo. counter.
Things You Don't Want to See, at the Supermarket...Things like.... Invisible tape (which maybe, you can't see). Or Crushed Pineapple.