From the Not-Creepy-at-All Department: "Baby Vampire" Dolls Let me say that again: $1500 per doll. Doll-maker Shanine counts Sharon Osborne among her customers.
It's Not a Suitcase, It's a Coat: and Other Holiday Flying Tricks
Fashion Update: Leggings for Men ...ask yourself -- would you wear meggings if you're a man; or, if you're a woman, would you go out on a date with a megged-up guy...
How to Make Yourself Sick, Just for FunThe Evo is one of only two cars in which I've almost become car-sick.... as a driver.
Lose the Grin, and Look PrettierAnd for all those who say such main-streaming puts Mazda at risk of losing its iconic zoom-zoom status, good news: they're not messing with the Miata.
If Mad Max Had a Swiss Army Knife...But I just like the way it looks: especially with its matte grey finish, and aggressive front end. Boys love their wide grilles and front-end scoops.
Notes From the L.A. Auto Show, Part IIt looks aggressive, edgy, solid, and strong: all characteristics, the car itself exhibits.
Group Costumes for HalloweenYears from now, we'll hope anyone who participates in group costumes for Halloween, 1) still are friends, and 2) never plan on running for office.
When Good Dogs Go BadDogs may be smarter than cats, but when either does something wrong, only the dogs get caught.
Pictures of Why it Pays to Have a Tattoo Artist Who Can Spelll
We Told You to be Careful When You See a Ball on the StreetEver teen driver learns that a ball, bouncing into a street, means there'll be a kid right behind it. if that were true here, it'd have to be a really big kid.
Photo Proof: There's "Out of Order," and there's "REALLY Out of Order"
Why Did the Space Shuttle Have THIS Nickname?Good and bad, it was always exciting reporting on the Space Shuttle program. Where else could you be paid for nosing around inside the shuttles? But I still wish they'd come up with a better nickname...
The World's Best Fake I.D.s -- NotMost didn't check for his age, but six that did, still sold it to him, even though he didn't remotely resemble cartoon character Bobby Hill.
Your Dream Job Has Arrived: But Do You Have What It Takes?I'm conflicted: on one hand, I'm deeply offended by the obvious racism of this ploy. How dare they think I'm smart, just because I'm white.