Seattle Clears Pot Convictions, Following San Francisco LeadFive years after Washington state legalized marijuana, Seattle officials say they're moving to automatically clear past misdemeanor convictions for pot possession.
With Anticipation High, Hollywood Gets Its First Recreational Marijuana Dispensary"It's been a long time coming," MMD Director Steve Ashbell told CBS2 News.
CA More Interested In Giving 'Get Out Of Jail Free Cards,' Says LA Police Union Boss After SF Plans To Wipe Out Pot ConvictionsDistrict Attorney George Gascon announced his office will dismiss nearly 3,000 marijuana misdemeanor cases and review nearly 5,000 felony cases for possible action.
A Public Bank For California Pot Money? Maybe.California officials will take a detailed look at the potential to create a taxpayer-backed bank to handle what could be billions of dollars generated by the state's legal marijuana industry.
After Suggesting Legalized Pot Could Curb Violence, Mexican Tourism Secretary Says Idea Was 'Personal'Enrique de la Madrid said Thursday that marijuana should be legalized in tourist resorts, to diminish drug violence.
Cannabis Products Can Get You High On Health And BeautyNow that recreational pot is legal here in California, there's been an explosion of new items aimed at helping you look and feel your best.
Now That Pot Is Legal In California, Can I Still Be Drug Tested For A Job?We know recreational marijuana is legal now, but some workers want to know what’s the deal with weed and workplaces.  
Mike Tyson Breaks Ground On Marijuana Resort North Of Los AngelesFormer heavyweight champion Mike Tyson is becoming a California marijuana entrepreneur.
As CA Readies Itself For Legalization, Here Is Some Of What You Can And Can't Do With Recreational Pot"What a lot of people don't realize is that you can't just smoke marijuana whenever you feel like it or wherever you'd like to," an attorney told CBS2 News.
Workers Arrested Delivering Pot To Marijuana BusinessThe confusing rollout of marijuana regulations in California has been underscored in Mendocino County, where local authorities licensed a company to deliver pot only to have state CHP arrest two employees.
With Pot Soon Legal, CHP Warns: Drive High, Get A DUIIt's the CHP's latest campaign to keep stoned as well as drunk drivers off the road.