What You’re Doing This Week: Nov. 18
If Mad Max Had a Swiss Army Knife...But I just like the way it looks: especially with its matte grey finish, and aggressive front end. Boys love their wide grilles and front-end scoops.
Who Needs to Pimp My Ride, When You're Already Driving This?(A)nd there's even a widescreen video screen for front seat passengers who want something to watch, when they're tired of being stared at.
Don't Let the Police Catch You in This...The new supercar making its debut at the L.A. Auto show is one of only 90, planned for sale in the U.S., and it's one of only just more than 300, worldwide.
Being Hot, but Staying Suitably Coolwhere some cars have radar, to help with cruise control, the DC-100 has sonar
GM Lets You Control New Cars Remotely With Your iPadKNX's Steve Grad interviews Mickey Blythe, director of GM's electrical systems, at the 2010 L.A. Auto Show.
KNX's KNX's Steve Grad Interviews Don Butler On New Cadillac DesignsKNX's Steve Grad interviews Don Butler, Cadillac's Marketing VP, on the new designs the company is unveiling in 2011.
KNX's Steve Grad Interviews GM's Marketing Director On New ConvertibleSteve Grad interviews John Fitzpatrick, GM's marketing director for performance cars, on the new Camaro convertible.
KNX's Bill Seward Interviews Tony Disalle On New Chevy VoltKNX's Bill Seward interviews Tony Disalle on the new, award-winning Chevy volt at the 2010 L.A. Auto Show.
KNX's Bill Seward Interviews Designer Behind Cadillac's New LookKNX's Bill Seward interviews one of the top designers behind Cadillac's new push towards more compact cars.
Things To Look For -And Look Out For- At The L.A. Auto ShowGot a suggestive question about whether they come with the car? Try it: I'm sure they've never heard it before.