Family Of Man Killed In Corona Costco Shooting Condemns Grand Jury Decision Not To Prosecute Off-Duty Officer"We are extremely heartbroken," Russell French, Kenneth's father said during a Thursday afternoon news briefing.
No Charges For Off-Duty LAPD Officer Who Shot, Killed Intellectually-Disabled Man In Corona CostcoBack in June, Kenneth French and his parents were shot by off-duty LAPD Officer Salvador Sanchez at a Costco in Corona. Kenneth died and his parents survived.
Family Of Man Shot, Killed By Off-Duty Officer In Corona Costco Files Lawsuit Against LAPD"After hearing Officer Sanchez identify himself as a police officer, I begged and told him not to shoot. I told him we have no guns and our son is sick. He still shot.”
Off-Duty LAPD Officer Who Fatally Shot Man In Corona Costco Described As Suspect In Court DocumentsThe off-duty Los Angeles Police Department officer who said he fired his gun in self-defense in a June shooting at a Corona Costco that killed one man and seriously injured his parents is described as a suspect in court documents obtained by CBS2.
Family Of Man Fatally Shot In Corona Costco Still Looking For AnswersThe family of a man killed in a Corona Costco last month said they are still desperate for answers about what led to that fatal shooting that left two more injured.
Parents Of Man Fatally Shot In Costco By Off-Duty Officer 'Show Signs Of Improvement'Russell and Paola French both remain hospitalized, however, their family was said to be "optimistic about their conditions."
Costco Shooting Case Handed Over To Riverside DAThe case of an off-duty Los Angeles Police Department officer who shot and killed a mentally disabled man inside a Corona Costo is now in the hands of the Riverside District Attorney's office.
Attorney For Off-Duty Cop Says Use Of Deadly Force In Costco Shooting Was 'Only Option'An attorney for the off-duty Los Angeles police officer who shot three people, killing one, inside of a Corona Costco Friday night has spoken out on behalf of his client.
Man Fatally Shot Inside Corona Costco Was 'Non-Verbal, Never Violent' Family Member SaysCorona police say 32-year-old Kenneth French from Riverside allegedly assaulted the unidentified officer inside the store on Friday night.