Some Security Officers In L.A. Are Also Healthcare ProfessionalsAlexander Larson, Security Director at Kaiser Permanente Los Angeles Medical Center, says senior-level hospital guards are educated and highly-trained.
Educating Patients Is Important To Pharmacists In L.A.Kristine McGill, a drug education coordinator, says all patients in Los Angeles could have a primary care pharmacist in place by 2022 to help them receive better and safer medical care.
Job Outlook For L.A.’s MRI Techs Gets A Healthy DiagnosisJulius Wilson, an MRI technologist, says in order for job seekers in Los Angeles to land a lucrative position in this profession, they will need to be computer literate and science-minded.
L.A. Job Picture For Echo Techs Is RadiantGiovanna Velasquez, an echo tech at Kaiser Permanente West Los Angeles Medical Center, says those interested in helping to diagnose cardiac-related issues must be committed to the vocation.
LA’s Job Prospects For Nurse Anesthetists Are No Sleeping MatterKaiser Permanente‘s Elizabeth Corte says job opportunities for nurse anesthetists are approaching levels of high demand.
The Job Picture For LA's Radiologic Technologists Looks HealthyKaiser Permanente's Richard Kilgore says the need for qualified radiologic technologists with computer knowledge is growing in Los Angeles.
Jobs For Licensed Vocational Nurses In LA Expected To ExpandKaiser Permanente's Sandra Armas says pediatrics is a worthwhile medical field in Los Angeles that aspiring licensed vocational nurses should consider pursuing.
LA's Health Care Industry To Create New Management JobsThose seeking a health services management career will need to learn how to wear many hats and be prepared for advancing technology.
More Advanced Degrees Needed For Health Workers In Los AngelesIn the wake of rapid technological advances, education is becoming more and more important for health workers.