Controller Releases Scathing Audit of City's Homeless OutreachThe outreach agency that is supposed to help the homeless get off the streets of Los Angeles was criticized Wednesday in a report by the controller for not doing enough.
Mayor Eric Garcetti Pledges More Outreach, Resources Amid LA Homeless CrisisThe latest homeless count estimates 17 more people fall into homelessness every day in Los Angeles County.
BREAKING POINT: The CrisisLos Angeles has always had its skid row. Pat Harvey reports now it feels as though there are skid rows all over Southern California.
Congress Proposes Bill To Increase Section 8 Funding Amid LA Homeless CrisisThere is a new effort to help ease the homeless crisis in Southern California.
BREAKING POINT: Long Beach SuccessDespite challenges across the region, one Southern California city is showing signs of life when it comes to the homeless issue.
BREAKING POINT: Homeless CrimeAcross Southern California, crimes committed by and against homeless people are way up. Hermela Aregawi looks at some proposed solutions.
BREAKING POINT: In-Depth With LA Mayor Eric GarcettiPat Harvey sits down with Mayor Eric Garcetti to talk about criticism about how his administration has tackled the homeless problem.
BREAKING POINT: Success StoriesJasmine Viel talks to one woman who just a few years ago was living on the streets and has since turned her life around.
Nonprofit Offers Free Resources To Help Homeless In VeniceA local nonprofit organization is going all out to help the homeless in Venice with things like medical services, mobile shower units and even pet care.
LA Extends Law Banning Homeless From Sleeping In Cars In Residential AreasIt prevents people from sleeping in their cars on any residential street between 9 p.m. and 6 a.m., or within 500 feet of a school.
"Giant Leap For The City": Garcetti Announces New Homelessness InitiativeLos Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti walked the streets of Skid Row Thursday morning as he announces a new initiative that he hopes will improve the city's homeless crisis.