Does Heat, Sun Kill Coronavirus? Frequently Asked Summertime Questions About COVID-19 Answered By Dr. Mallika MarshallDr. Mallika Marshall, a practicing physician, answers common questions about coronavirus safety this summer at the pool, the beach and out and about.
Researchers Developing Device That Could Detect COVID-19 Using Your SmartphoneWhat started as a device to help detect a Zika virus could become be programmed to identify COVID-19 instead, say researchers in Utah.
USC Sleep Doctor Offers Tips For Better Rest During Coronavirus PandemicPeople across the country staying home to help slow the spread of coronavirus are experiencing a variety of sleep problems.
Health Officials Report 4th Coronavirus Case In Santa Clara CountyThe Santa Clara County Public Health Department confirmed Saturday that a fourth case of novel coronavirus, COVID-19, has been identified in Santa Clara County.
Health Officials Report 3rd Coronavirus Case In Santa Clara CountyA third coronavirus patient has been discovered in Santa Clara County, according to health officials.
UCLA Researchers: Soft Tissue Sarcoma Treatment Can Be Shortened By Weeks And Still EffectiveA new study led by UCLA researchers finds that shorter radiation treatment is safe and effective for patients with soft tissue sarcoma.
Long Beach Lawmaker Announces Bill To End Discrimination Against HIV-Positive CaliforniansThe Equal Insurance HIV Act would ban insurance companies from denying coverage to people solely based on a positive HIV test.
1,000 LA County Residents Who Recently Traveled To Mainland China Being Tracked By Health OfficialsThose being tracked are Los Angeles County residents who have traveled to mainland China over the past 14 days, and came back through LAX, Ferrer told the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors.
Doctor: Flu A Bigger Problem For Americans Worried About CoronavirusDoctors say that people worried about the global coronavirus outbreak should be much more concerned about getting sick from something much closer to home – the flu.
FDA Approves First Peanut Allergy Drug For ChildrenIt works by slowly exposing children diagnosed with a peanut allergy to small doses of peanut protein over time.
LAX Travel Restrictions To Go Into Effect Sunday Amid Coronavirus ConcernsThe first day of strong travel restrictions to and from China go into effect Sunday at the Los Angeles International Airport.