Volcano's Lava Flows Into Power Plant, Sparking Fears Of Deadly Gas ReleaseLava continued its steady advance toward the Puna Geothermal Venture Plant before stalling late Monday. The facility is shut down, but the wells there still present a risk if overrun with the molten rock.
Lava From Erupting Hawaiian Volcano Seeps Into Ocean, Creates Toxic CloudMolten rock from Kilauea volcano poured into the ocean, creating a toxic steam cloud formed by a chemical reaction when lava touches seawater.
2 Dogs Trapped Between Lava And Fence Rescued In HawaiiTwo tiny dogs in Hawaii have been rescued after they were found trapped between a fence and the dangerous lava flows.
Hawaii Volcano Spawns New Fissure Near Geothermal PlantThe U.S. Geological Survey said 16 fissures have now opened up on the Big Island.
Hawaii Volcano Eruption Destroys 35 Structures As Lava Continues To FlowAuthorities are now pleading with tourists and sightseers to avoid Leilani Estates, where lava and fumes are bursting through giant cracks in the ground.
Hawaii Volcano Destroys Dozens Of Homes, Spews Lava 200 Feet In AirOfficials let some of the more than 1,700 people who evacuated return briefly Sunday to fetch pets, medicine and documents.
8 Vents Open As Quakes Rattle Hawaii, Volcano Spews Lava, Toxic GasDistressed residents were warned that earthquakes and aftershocks could continue for days, even weeks.
'I Knew This Day Would Come': Lava Streams Towards Homes After Hawaii Volcano Erupts, Hundreds EvacuateThe eruption of Hawaii’s Kilauea Volcano sent molten lava chewing through forest land and bubbling up on paved streets.
Hawaii's Kilauea Volcano Erupts, Evacuations OrderedHawaii's Kilauea volcano erupted Thursday, releasing red lava into a residential subdivision and prompting the county to order mandatory evacuations.
What Went Wrong With Hawaii's False Emergency Alert?An emergency missile alert accidentally went out to everyone in Hawaii on Saturday after an employee "pushed the wrong button."
Missile-Alert Mistake Feeds Doubts About A Real EmergencyA blunder that caused more than a million people in Hawaii to fear that they were about to be struck by a nuclear missile fed skepticism Sunday about the government's ability to keep them informed in a real emergency.
Hawaii Mistakenly Sends Missile Alert To ResidentsHawaii Gov. David Ige said that someone pushed the "wrong button" causing the alarm to set off.
No Sprinklers In Honolulu High-Rise Fire That Left 3 Dead"The fire just blew up and went flying right out the windows," said one resident.
3 Confirmed Dead In Massive, 5-Alarm Highrise Blaze In HonoluluAnd officials said a number of people in the "hot zone" have been told to stay put because they can't be evacuated safely.
Federal Judge In Hawaii Puts Trump's Revised Travel Ban On HoldThe judge issued his ruling after hearing arguments that the executive order discriminates on the basis of nationality.