College Students Launch Website To Help Shoppers Find High-Demand ItemsWhile other students spent their spring break relaxing, four University of Texas computer science majors spent their vacation making people's lives easier.
Goldstein Investigates: Hidden Cameras Expose Grocery Store Employees Not Wearing Masks After HoursEssential employees at stores have been ordered to wear face coverings for weeks to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. But, in a new David Goldstein Investigation, our hidden cameras found that’s not the case after hours.
Restaurants Attempting To Stay Open As Grocery Stores Amid Coronavirus Crisis Hindered By Licensing LawsAs restaurants in Los Angeles try to stay afloat during shutdowns due to the coronavirus pandemic, some owners have tried to think of new ways to bring in business.
Coronavirus: Grocery Stores Install Partitions To Maintain Social Distancing At The RegisterThe latest change supermarket shoppers are seeing are partitions to separate store associates and customers.
Coronavirus: Grocery Stores Temporarily Hike Wages Amid Panic ShoppingSeveral major chains are giving employees a $2 per hour wage increase.
Stores Limiting Hours, Purchases In Response To Coronavirus Panic ShoppingIn response to widespread panic buying and hoarding in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, grocery stores across the nation are limiting their hours — closing their doors early to allow employees to focus on cleaning and restocking empty shelves.
SoCal Grocery Workers Union Agrees To Tentative Deal With Stores, Strike Averted For NowA strike involving thousands of grocery workers in Southern California may have been averted Sunday, as their union reached a tentative agreement with the owners of Ralphs, Vons, Pavilions, and Albertsons.
Grocery Stores Open On Christmas In Los AngelesIf you're looking to get some last minute items at your local grocery store, we've compiled a list of the stores open for your convenience.
Last-Minute Thanksgiving Shoppers Brave Long Lines, CrowdsIt's one of the craziest times of the year for those in the grocery business with many rushing to pick-up last-minute items for their Thanksgiving dinner.
6 Former Haggen Stores To Reopen As Gelson's MarketsGelson’s Markets is taking Haggen’s failure to thrive in Southern California as an opportunity to expand.
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