Major Effort Underway to Repeal California Gas Tax HikeThe gas tax will go up 12 cents per gallon in November, and diesel taxes will spike as well.
Gas Tax Increase Fast Tracks LA County Road RepairsLos Angeles County will benefit from $23.7 million in fast-tracked road repairs beginning this summer.
Investigation: State Lawmakers Run Up Taxpayer-Funded Gas Cards After Record Tax HikeMore than 80 lawmakers narrowly approved the bill in April, so we wanted to find out how much the Legislature spends on gas paid for by taxpayers.
Calif. Gas Prices To Rise After Gov. Brown Signs Tax HikeGov. Jerry Brown signed into law a $5 billion per year tax hike on Friday promising to fix neglected highways and bridges.
Brown Proposes 12-Cent Gas Tax Hike To Fix California Infrastructure; GOP Blasts PlanGov. Jerry Brown announced a plan Wednesday to hike gas taxes and vehicle fees to raise $52 billion over 10 years to fix California's roads.
'Road Charging' Pilot Program Aimed At Offsetting Gas Tax LossWith more fuel efficient vehicles on California’s roads, a pilot program set to launch in July is the state’s next step toward replacing the gas tax with a road charge.
Agency To Vote On Reducing Calif. Gas Tax By 7.5 Cents California officials are considering reducing the state's gas tax by 7.5 cents, although consumers may not see a difference at the pump.
Sen. Introduces Bill To Test Out Taxing Motorists For Every Mile They DriveThe California Legislature is looking at a voluntary program that would tax motorists for every mile they drive.

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