Small NorCal Gas Station Boasts The Most Expensive Gas In The CountryIt is currently charging $6.73 a gallon.
Gas Prices In Southern California Keep Ticking Up, But Cyberattack On East Coast Pipeline Not Expected To Make An ImpactGas prices had already been pushed up by a shortage of truck drivers able to transport fuel, the start of the California’s usage of the higher-cost summer blend, and wider business reopenings that have people driving more and farther.
Nick Cannon Hosts Free Gas Event In San Fernando As Prices Continue To ClimbA gallon of regular averaged $4.13 in L.A. County on Friday, the highest its reached since October of 2019.
Gas Prices Averaging Over $4 A Gallon In SoCal Could Increase Due To Fuel Driver ShortageGas prices around Southern California are averaging just over $4 per gallon and rising each day for the past week. But things could get worse because the fuel tanker industry is seeing a shortage in drivers. 
Gas Prices On The Rise Across Southern CaliforniaEarly in the pandemic, drivers saw lower gas prices, but now the cost of gas appears to be on the rise.
Average Price Of Gas In LA County Rises To Highest Amount Since November 2019The average price of a gallon of self-serve regular gasoline in Los Angeles County rose Friday to $3.922 — its highest amount since Nov. 22, 2019.
Have You Noticed Higher Gas Prices Lately? You're Not AloneAccording to the Auto Club of Southern California, gas prices in Los Angeles County have hit their highest rates since December 2019, with self-serve regular gasoline getting more expensive for most of February.
Southern California Gas Prices Highest Since SeptemberGas prices are rising again in Southern California.
Southland Gas Prices At Lowest Labor Day Amounts Since 2016The average price of a gallon of self-serve regular gasoline in Los Angeles County was at $3.23 Monday, its lowest amount for Labor Day since 2016.
Six-Day Streak Of Slight Increases In LA County Gas Price EndsA six-day streak of increases in the average price of a gallon of gasoline in Los Angeles County ended Wednesday when it stayed unchanged at $3.206.
Following Marathon Refinery Fire, Concerns About Gas Prices EmergeAfter Tuesday night's massive Marathon Refinery fire, there are fears that gas prices will spike in the aftermath with drivers already bracing for pain at the pump — especially those who saw the fire.