Calif. GOP Discusses Lack Of Finances At Burbank ConventionWith November elections approaching, the California Republican Party is in trouble, struggling to pay its bills and hold its ground in a state that has been growing increasingly favorable for Democratic candidates.
Audit Finds Coliseum Finances Are `Appalling'Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum officials had "weak or nonexistent" financial controls to track millions of dollars in public money that went missing or was not properly tracked in recent years, according to an audit of the storied venue's management released Thursday.
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Quarter-Millionaire Serial Killer? Accused Salon Shooter Reveals Finances, But No MotiveA civil attorney said Scott Dekraai was forthcoming about his cash holdings, but silent on why he allegedly killed 8 people last year.
Take A Financial Vow With Your Spouse In 2012Casey Mervine visited the KCAL 9 studios Monday to talk about couples' finances for 2012.
Experts Recommend Creating Financial Checklist For 2012Larry Palmer from Morgan Stanley Smith Barney visited the KCAL 9 studios Thursday to talk about financial resolutions and building a checklist to make sure your money is right in the new year.
Get Your Finances In Order Before 2012 With A Year-End Financial ChecklistCasey Mervine from Schwab visited the KCAL 9 studios Friday to talk about a year-end financial checklist.
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Greuel: 'No One Minding The Store' At LA Coliseum Another high-ranking city official will take a closer look at the Los Angeles Coliseum.
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What's Under Your Mattress? 1 In 4 Americans Have Zero Savings A survey released Monday shows that while one-quarter of U.S. households have a six-month emergency fund, nearly the same number have no savings at all.
MLB Hopes To Conclude Dodgers Financial Inquiry By June 22Major League Baseball officials announced Wednesday that they hope to conclude their inquiry into the Dodgers finances by the end of June.
McCourt Expected To Meet Dodgers' $10M Payroll Next WeekLos Angeles Dodgers’ owner Frank McCourt is hoping a fresh infusion of cash may end his payroll problem.
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Lawyer: Michael Jackson Was Anguished Over His FinancesA defense lawyer for Michael Jackson's doctor says the singer was so anguished about his deteriorating finances in his final days that he took desperate actions that caused his own death.