Geologists Confirm Quake Fault Runs Underneath Proposed Hollywood Skycraper SiteScientists with the California Geological Survey released a final map that shows the Hollywood Fault cuts through the properties of the proposed twin-skyscraper mega-project.
KNX Ready Or Not: Renting On Fault Lines— Preparing for an earthquake after you move into a new home or apartment should start before move-in day.
Regulators Affirm Quake Safety For Last Operating Nuclear Plant In Calif.Federal regulators say the nuclear power plant near San Luis Obispo is safe to continue operating.
Quake Fault Line Mapping Resumes After Nearly 20-Year Pause California seismologists are once again mapping fault lines after a lull of nearly two decades due to budget cuts.
7.5 Temblor On Puente Hills Thrust Fault Would Be 'The Quake From Hell'Experts say a bigger earthquake along the lesser-known fault that gave Southern California a moderate shake could do more damage to the region than the long-dreaded "Big One" from the more famous San Andreas Fault.
KNX 1070 Northridge Quake 20-Year Anniversary: FaultsThe Northridge quake changed the way scientists analyzed data.
Lawmaker Calls For More Funding To Map Quake FaultsA state lawmaker from Torrance wants Sacramento to boost funding to map active earthquake faults to prevent buildings from being constructed near dangerous faults.
District Mulls Options For Pasadena School Sitting On Multiple Fault LinesThe future of San Rafael Elementary School may be on very shaky ground.
State Geologists Put Calif. Earthquake Maps OnlineAnyone with an Internet connection can now find out whether the house they want to buy is on one of California's earthquake faults.