LA County Board Of Supervisors Extends Eviction Moratorium Through Sept. 30Los Angeles County’s renters will continue to be protected from eviction until Sept. 30. However, the board wants renters to begin applying for state and local relief, and help landlords whose tenants are not paying rent.
Some Homeowners Say They're Victims Of Eviction Moratorium Rules As LA County Considers ExtensionThe Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors is expected to consider extending the county's eviction moratorium set to expire at the end of the month on Tuesday, but some homeowners say they have been the unintended victims of the well-intentioned law.
Long Beach Couple Buys Multi-Million Dollar Home, But Can't Get Former Tenant To LeaveIt was supposed to be their dream home, a multi-million home right on the canal in Long Beach. But that dream turned into a nightmare when the previous tenant refused to move out.
Mid-City Man Tries To Evict Tenant, Finds He's Been Accused Of Stealing Nearly $2K From Georgia CharityA Mid-City property manager filed eviction forms against the man for nonpayment, but a judge ruled that he could not be removed from the property due to the pandemic eviction moratorium.
LA County Extends Moratorium On Evictions Through June 30
Calif. Legislators Advance Bill to Extend Eviction ProtectionsCalifornia is one step closer to banning evictions through January for people who can't pay their rent because of the economic fallout from the coronavirus pandemic.
Protesters Surround Downtown LA Courthouse Demanding Rent ReliefIt was in response to a vote from the Judicial Council of California to lift the moratorium on evictions and foreclosures beginning Sept. 1.
Calif. Judges Vote To End Coronavirus Eviction Moratorium On Sept. 1The moratorium will end unless the California Legislature and Gov. Gavin Newsom reach a deal on extending it.
Local Renters Call On Gov. Newsom To Extend Eviction MoratoriumCalifornia's eviction moratorium is set to expire soon, and tenant's rights activists and local lawmakers are calling on Gov. Newsom to pass an extension, or risk a "tidal wave of evictions."
Couple Pays Mortgage On Home They Can’t Move Into As Tenant Stays Under Eviction MoratoriumThree months after the Birrueta's purchased their new home, they still can't move in as the previous tenants refuse to leave until the stay-at-home orders are lifted. The Birrueta's continue to pay the mortgage.
California Bill Would Give Tenants Until 2034 To Repay Rent Missed During COVID EmergencyA San Fernando Valley lawmaker wants to give tenants struggling to repay rent during the coronavirus shutdown another decade to pay it back.