'Endeavour Fest' Marks Anniversary Of Space Shuttle's Arrival In LAThe California Science Center Friday kicked off a weekend-long event celebrating the one-year anniversary of space shuttle Endeavour's arrival to the museum.
NASA Pilots Who Flew Aircraft That Carried Endeavour Over LA Share Stories, Pictures The NASA Dryden pilots who flew the aircraft that carried space shuttle Endeavour over the Southland nearly a year ago shared their stories and pictures from the historic event Friday at the California Science Center.
LA's Best Permanent Museum ExhibitsSouthlanders have access to cultural opportunities only available in a metropolis the size and with the diversity of Los Angeles. The many permanent exhibits available are crowned by these leading venues.
Cheap In LA: California Science Center Wide-eyed and amazed visitors of the California Science Center come from all over to get an up-close and personal look at one of man's engineering marvels: the Endeavour.
Time Warner Cable To Bring 100 Kids To Visit EndeavourTime Warner Cable will bring a group of a hundred kids from nonprofit organizations to visit the space shuttle Endeavour Wednesday afternoon at the California Science Center.
Endeavour's New Exhibit Opens To The Public The space shuttle Endeavour's new exhibit opened to the public Tuesday at the California Science Center.
Pets2Love: EndeavourEndeavour is a healthy and happy 2-year-old, 20-pound Terrier mix.
Space Shuttle Endeavour Completes Historic Mission To California Science CenterThe space shuttle Endeavour has finally arrived to the California Science Center, nearly 16 hours after its expected arrival time.
Slow We Get! But Why Is Endeavour 16-Plus Hours Behind Schedule?When it flew around up in space, Endeavour could go 17,500 mph.
Endeavour Making Its Way To California Science CenterSpace shuttle Endeavour is making its way to the California Science Center, where it is slated to arrive later Saturday.
Endeavour-geddon? Motorists Caught In Huge Traffic Back-Up On The 405The Endeavour is on the ground moving about 2 mph.