FDA Issues Frozen Shrimp Recall Over Salmonella Concerns; Products Include Costco's Kirkland BrandThe Food and Drug Administration issued a recall of frozen shrimp products Wednesday over salmonella concerns, including Kirkland brand products sold at Costco.
Costco Stops Selling Half-Sheet Cakes Popular For Large GatheringsThe big-box retailer has stopped making the cakes, which were served at countless parties and workplace birthday gatherings. Costco has instead begun offering a 10-inch round cake, along with their limited-time bar cakes, like the tres leches cake.
Costco Looking To Bring Back Samples By Mid-JuneA company executive, however, said that the way customers take samples will be very different.
Costco To Require Face Masks For All CustomersIn Los Angeles and Riverside counties, masks are already required for anyone visiting an essential business, such as a grocery store or pharmacy.
Target, Lowe's, Trader Joe's To Close Easter Sunday To Give Employees A BreakLowe's emphasized that its workers would not lose pay or hours due to the closure.
Costco To Limit Entry to 2 People Per Membership CardBeginning Friday, Costo will only allow two people per membership card to enter their warehouses.
Coronavirus: Websites Track Toilet Paper Supplies At Costco, How Long Rolls Will LastThe short supply of toilet paper in stores across the country amid the coronavirus outbreak has given rise to websites designed to help people find it, and make it last.
Costco Food Court May Be Unavailable To Non-Members Starting Next MonthThe tasty and inexpensive treats of the Costco food court may soon be available to members only.
That $75 Costco Coupon On Facebook? It's A FakeCostco has issued a warning to its customers about a scam coupon being shared again on social media.
Protesters Demand Charges For Off-Duty LAPD Officer Who Opened Fire In Corona Costco"He was murdered. You can't claim self-defense if you're shooting someone in the back from 20 feet away."
Lawyer For Off-Duty Officer In Costco Shooting Says He 'Feared For His Life'The attorney representing the off-duty officer who shot three people, killing one, in a Costco store in Corona has released a statement saying the officer "feared for his life." But the attorney for the French family says there was no justification for a fatal use of force.