Mentally Disabled Man Arrested After Girl, 4, Found Undressed In Chick-Fil-A Play Area A 48-year-old man was arrested Thursday after police say a four-year-old girl was found undressed in a play area of a Chick-fil-A restaurant.
Woman Gives Birth In Chick-Fil-A, Baby Promised Job And Food For LifeA newborn baby in Texas has already been guaranteed food for life and a job after her mother gave birth in a Chick-fil-A bathroom.
Chick-fil-A Named America's Favorite Fast Food And Full-Service RestaurantChick-fil-A was named the best when it comes to food accuracy, waitstaff behavior, food quality, cleanliness, food variety, and website satisfaction.
Chick-fil-A Offering Free Breakfast All Through SeptemberSummer is officially, undeniably over, but free breakfast during all of September could make things a bit sunnier.
Chick-Fil-A Manager Conned Out Of CashPolice say Thursday night, a thief tricked a Chick-fil-A manager in Chino Hills out of cash from registers and a safe.
Chick-Fil-A Offers Customers Free Food TuesdayIn honor of "Cow Appreciation Day," Chick-fil-A is offering their customers free entrees Tuesday.
Chick-fil-A To Give Away Free Entrees To Customers In 'Cowlike' Attire TuesdayChick-fil-A will be giving away free meals Tuesday to customers who dress up in cow-inspired apparel.
Chick-fil-A Tops Customer Satisfaction SurveyFast-food giant Chick-fil-A has the most satisfied customers in the nation, a recent poll found.
Hearing-Impaired Woman Orders Meal In Sign Language Thanks To Chick-fil-A CashierFor many, ordering a meal is a moment that is often overlooked and perhaps even taken for granted. But for Cynthia Walker of North Carolina, it’s so much more than that.
Chick-fil-A Offers Free Ice Cream For Putting Down That PhoneChick-fil-A restaurant are handing free ice cream to diners willing to pen up their digital devices in a "cellphone coop" while they sit down to their meals.
Best Fast-Food Restaurants In Los AngelesWith all the health conscious restaurants around these days, most people tend to avoid those fast food restaurants deemed unhealthy. But, surprisingly, many of the fast food establishments cater to those same healthy-minded patrons.