This Burger King Location Comes With A Side Of … Ah, Relaxation!A Burger King that recently opened in Finland features an in-store spa complete with a sauna, shower room, locker room, and lounge.
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VIDEO: Man Cooks Meal During Burglary At Restaurant In D.C., Police SayAuthorities are searching for a "person of interest" they say cooked a meal during an apparent burglary at a restaurant.
WATCH: Young Boy's Cover Of Eminem's 'Not Afraid' Goes ViralSparsh Shah unveiled his clean cover of the 2010 hit in January, where it has been viewed 2,091,352 times on YouTube.
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Taylor Swift Reportedly Visits Disney Parks In AnaheimTaylor Swift reportedly visited both Disney theme parks in Anaheim this weekend.
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Nonprofit Converts Bar Into Giant Ball Pit For Adults To Live Out Inner ChildUsually kids are the only ones allowed to play inside ball pits, which features colorful, hollow plastic balls.
Touching Clip Captures Moment New Artist Hears Song On Radio For First TimeJayme Orr, an artist, recorded the very first time she heard her song "Love Is A War" play on WDET FM in Detroit, Michigan.