Valencia Man Sentenced For Duct-Taping Cat's Paws TogetherBoth defendants are banned from owning, possessing or having direct contact with animals for five years.
Couple Arrested On Drug Charges Also Accused Of Binding Cat's Paws With Electrical TapeA man and woman arrested Saturday night on suspicion of selling narcotics has also been booked on felony animal cruelty charges after officers found a young cat duck-taped in the backseat of their car, authorities said.
Viral Video Captures Cat Bobbing Head To Drake's Hit 'Hotline Bling'The "Hotline Bling" music video, and Drake's dance moves, have inspired a whole collection of memes. But are they any match for #hotlineblingcat?
Home Surveillance Video Shows Coyotes Killing Cat In Riverside After catching a gruesome coyote attack on camera, a Riverside man is warning his neighbors about the possible dangers that coyotes pose to the community.
This Historic Hancock Park Home Once Was The Cat's MeowA house in Hancock Park, recently won a prestigious historical society award, but the estate's former owner — a cat — is grabbing headlines, too.
Cat Escapes Death A 2nd Time When Police Officer Saves Him From CoyoteA police officer saved a cat trapped in the jaws of a coyote who was no doubt planning on having the pet for breakfast.
Wildlife Officials: Mountain Lion P-22 Left Los Feliz Home Crawl SpaceWildlife officials Tuesday said telemetry results found the mountain lion that was trapped under a Los Feliz home has left the area.
Caught On Tape: Venice Man Accused Of Allowing His Dogs To Kill Neighbor's CatAnimal Control is investigating the incident that occurred just before 4 p.m. Monday.
Cat Prepares For Trip Home After Traveling From South Carolina Stowed Away In U-HaulA stowaway cat was preparing Tuesday for its return home after somehow making its way from South Carolina to California.
Corona Fire Department Rescues Cat Stuck In Chimney For 4 Hours"Morty" somehow managed to get wedged in a tiny void space above the chimney flue.
Officials Push For Mandatory Spay/Neuter Law For Long Beach Pet OwnersThe city of Long Beach is poised to start cracking down on its dog and cat population.