Foul Odor From Dominguez Channel Moving Into Communities Outside CarsonResidents in both Wilmington and San Pedro say the foul stench, which has plagued people in Carson for weeks, is now drifting into their neighborhoods.
LA County Officials Hold Town Hall To Discuss Carson Foul OdorLos Angeles County officials held a virtual town hall Wednesday to provide an update and answer questions about efforts to combat the odor emanating from the area. 
Carson Officially Announces State Of Emergency Over Foul OdorThe City of Carson has declared a state of emergency in regards to the noxious odor that has been lingering over the city for weeks.
Authorities Searching 73-Year-Old Caron Woman Missing In CarsonThe 73-year-old woman was last seen around 9:30 p.m. on Saturday, near the 300 block of East Carson Street, according to the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department. 
Officials Report Gas Levels Causing Odor In Carson Area Has Been Reduced As Smell PersistsAs the stench in the area continues to concern Carson residents, officials have said that hydrogen sulfide, the gas that was contributing to it, has been reduced.
Carson Residents Bring Lawsuit Over Foul SmellCarson city residents have brought a lawsuit to a local business that is supposedly partially responsible for the odor that has been plaguing their city.
Crews Working To Neutralize Putrid Odor Coming From Dominguez Channel In CarsonResidents in Carson who have been dealing with a putrid odor that has lingered for the last two weeks may finally get some relief.
Officials Say They Have Solution For Foul Smell Coming From Dominguez Channel In CarsonThe County Public Works Director says a water-based, organic spray should neutralize the rotten egg smell, which is actually hydrogen sulfide.
Carson Residents Protest Dominguez Channel Stink Ahead Of Virtual MeetingAbout two dozen seniors and low-income residents rallied in Carson Thursday to raise their own stink about a sickening smell coming from the Dominguez Channel.
Carson City Leaders Officially Declare Foul Odor To Be Public NuisanceLA County Public Works investigators have determined a foul odor described by some to be like "rotten eggs" is due to low levels of hydrogen sulfide being released from decaying vegetation in the Dominguez Channel.
Carson City Council Meets To Discuss Foul Odor Impacting ResidentsThe Carson City Council held a special meeting Monday to consider declaring the foul odor that has been plaguing residents near the Dominguez Channel a "public nuisance."