Officials Say They Have Solution For Foul Smell Coming From Dominguez Channel In CarsonThe County Public Works Director says a water-based, organic spray should neutralize the rotten egg smell, which is actually hydrogen sulfide.
Carson Residents Protest Dominguez Channel Stink Ahead Of Virtual MeetingAbout two dozen seniors and low-income residents rallied in Carson Thursday to raise their own stink about a sickening smell coming from the Dominguez Channel.
Carson City Leaders Officially Declare Foul Odor To Be Public NuisanceLA County Public Works investigators have determined a foul odor described by some to be like "rotten eggs" is due to low levels of hydrogen sulfide being released from decaying vegetation in the Dominguez Channel.
Carson City Council Meets To Discuss Foul Odor Impacting ResidentsThe Carson City Council held a special meeting Monday to consider declaring the foul odor that has been plaguing residents near the Dominguez Channel a "public nuisance."
City And County Leaders Call For 'Nuisance Declaration' Over Pungent Odor In CarsonFor some residents, though, the nuisance declaration comes as little comfort and feels like living under a new kind of lockdown.
Pungent Smell In Carson Still Under Investigation, Officials Say It's Not LethalA pungent smell throughout the Carson area is concerning residents.
Mysterious, Pungent Smell Reported In Carson Near Dominguez ChannelResidents in Carson are complaining of a pungent smell coming out of the Dominguez channel.
Firefighters Remain On Scene Friday As Carson Pallet Yard Fire Still SmoldersCrews early Friday morning continued to battle an enormous fire that broke out Thursday afternoon in a pallet yard in Carson and quickly spread to adjacent industrial buildings.
Preliminary Magnitude 4.3 Earthquake Shakes Carson AreaA preliminary magnitude 4.4 earthquake shook the Carson area Friday night.
Deputies Revive 21-Month-Old Girl Who Nearly Drowned In CarsonA toddler who nearly drowned is back home, healthy and happy, thanks to fast actions of Los Angeles County sheriff’s deputies.
'He Was Polite, He Was Tactful': Cameron Hurndon's Loved Ones Hold Candlelight Vigil In His Memory, Make Plea To Find KillerA Southern California family held a vigil Thursday night for their loved one who was shot and killed last week.