This Is Where Millions of Dollars In Cannabis State Tax Revenues Are GoingPart of the revenues from California's state tax on cultivation and sales of marijuana and cannabis products will go towards helping communities combat impaired driving, the California Highway Patrol said Tuesday. 
Cannabis Advocate Vows To Become 'First Openly Gay Man With AIDS' To Run For PresidentWearing a steampunk top hat, a hemp leaf medallion and a black vest over a colorful shirt, Richard Eastman told the City Council he would join the list of political hopefuls looking to challenge President Trump.
Pot Parties Educate Seniors About Cannabis BenefitsThey remember the days of recreational marijuana from the '60s and now these cannabis-curious seniors want to know what it can do for their insomnia and arthritis. Jasmine Viel takes us to a party where grandparents are getting educated in the health benefits of weed.
Hollywood Doctor Fights To Keep License After Recommending Marijuana For ChildA Hollywood physician who recommended that a father give his 5-year-old son marijuana cookies to control temper tantrums is fighting to maintain his medical license.
Weed Buyers Beware: Distributors Eager To Get Around Cannabis TestingNow that pot is fully legalized in California, more of the industry is being regulated, which is beneficial for buyers but an extra cost for sellers.
NorCal Kindergartner Can Bring Marijuana Drug To School, Judge RulesThe 5-year-old girl uses the drug as an emergency treatment for a rare form of epilepsy.
Cypress Hill Rapper B-Real Opens Cannabis Dispensary In SylmarSylmar is going up in smoke thanks to Cypress Hill's B-Real.
California Could Reshape Pot Rules As Legal Market StrugglesA Los Angeles hearing Tuesday provided a window into the state's emerging cannabis economy, in which early enthusiasm for broad legal sales has been followed by anxiety and frustration across a swath of the industry.
Report: Adult Marijuana Use Increased By A Third Ahead Of CA LegalizationThe survey from the L.A. County Dept. of Public Health also indicated that within ethnic groups, foreign-born persons used significantly less cannabis than their U.S.-born cohorts.
Scientists Create First Beer Brewed From CannabisAs the restrictions on marijuana continue to be loosened, scientists in Canada have reportedly developed the first beer brewed from cannabis.
$60 For Zero High: WeHo Cafe Offers Cannabis Shake Without THC It costs as much as an eighth of an ounce of marijuana, but without all the giggles and paranoia.