Ridgecrest Quakes Linked To New Movement Along California Fault Capable Of 8.0 QuakeWhen the Ridgecrest earthquakes rocked Southern California this past summer, scientists said a fault capable of producing an 8.0-magnitude quake began sliding.
Owners Of Fiji Water Give Caltech $750 Million To Support Climate ResearchThe donation is the largest in Caltech’s history, and the second-largest gift to a U.S. academic institution, according to university officials. Caltech says it is also the largest gift ever for environmental sustainability research.
Caltech, UCLA, USC High Among US News & World Report's Best 50 Universities In The NationCaltech in Pasadena was the Los Angeles area’s highest-ranked school on the list at No. 12, followed by UCLA at No. 20 and USC at No. 22. UC Santa Barbara came in at No. 34, followed by UC Irvine at No. 36 and UC San Diego at No. 37.
After A Series Of Quakes, Residents Of Glen Avon Are ShakenA swarm of more than 250 earthquakes -- mostly small -- have hit this part of Riverside County since last Saturday.
Caltech Scientist Wins Nobel Prize In ChemistryFrances H. Arnold, a scientist and engineer at the California Institute of Technology, was recognized for performing the first-ever “directed evolution” of enzymes, which are proteins that catalyze chemical reactions.
Caltech Researchers Developing Autonomous Drone AmbulanceThe goal of the self-flying drone ambulance is to airlift injured or trapped victims in hard to reach disaster zones.
Caltech Scientists Awarded Nobel Prize For Finding Ripples In UniverseTwo Caltech scientists are part of a trio to win the Nobel Physics Prize for their roles in detecting gravitational waves predicted a century ago by Albert Einstein.
Caltech Faculty, Students Rally Against Trump's Plan To Roll Out Revised Travel RestrictionsCalifornia Institute of Technology faculty and students on Wednesday rallied against President Donald Trump's plan to introduce a revised travel ban.
US News & World Report Names Caltech Best University In Southern CaliforniaU.S. News & World Report’s Best Colleges Rankings list ranked the California Institute of Technology as the top university in Southern California.
Caltech Researchers Uncover 'Solid Evidence' For 'Planet Nine' Lurking In Outer Solar System Scientists say they finally have "solid evidence" for Planet X, a true ninth planet on the fringes of our solar system.
Winning Powerball? Math Professor Says The Odds Are Even Worse Than You Originally Thought"It's about 1 in 300 million," said Caltech math professor Omer Tamuz.