Voting Open For 54th Assembly District Special Election, Includes Culver City, Inglewood, Etc. Vote centers are open and available for the May 18 special primary election for Assembly District 54, officials said Saturday.
'A Significant Milestone': California's Population Drops For First Time In Recorded HistoryFor the first time since records have been kept, California’s year-to-year population has dropped.
Californians Must File 2020 Taxes In Order To Receive Golden State Stimulus Payment Of Up To $1,200The Golden State Stimulus payment is aimed at supporting low-income Californians and helping those who have suffered a hardship due to the COVID-19 pandemic. These payments will not be scheduled until each 2020 tax return is processed.
Calif. Losing Congressional Seat For 1st Time Ever After Census Records Slowing GrowthFor the first time ever, California is losing a U.S. House seat – dropping its delegation from 53 to 52 members.
Calif. Ranked 12 On List Of All US States From Best To WorstCalifornia came in 12 on a list of all U.S. states ranked from best to worst, according to Americans.
Indoor Sports Events, Theater Performances, Concerts Can Resume Thursday In Los Angeles CountyLos Angeles County’s guidelines will be stricter than those released by the state earlier this month.
California Could Fully Reopen Without Tiered Schedule By June 15 If Infections, Hospitalizations Continue To DropDiscarding the colored tier system will allow restrictions to be lifted from all businesses, gatherings and recreational activities. However, a statewide mask mandate will remain in place.
Calif. To Hire 1,400 Firefighters To Combat Growing Number Of WildfiresIn 2020, California experienced a record wildfire season, with 9,917 wildfires scorching 4.257 million acres.
Calif. Bill Seeks To Expand Microstamps To Guns Used By PoliceThe law requires gun manufacturers to adopt micro-stamping technology on new types of handguns introduced in California.
California State Senator Pushes For Speeding Cameras In School ZonesCalifornia Sen. Susan Rubio, D-Baldwin Park, has introduced a bill that would authorize local governments to install speeding cameras near school zones.
Lawmakers Pass Extension Of Emergency Paid Sick Leave; Bill Heads To Gov. Gavin Newsom For SignatureThe bill mandates up to two weeks of paid time off for workers with symptoms of COVID-19, in quarantine, who need time off to get a vaccine, or are caring for someone with COVID-19 or for a child who is distance learning from home.