Law Blocks Some Brown Lawn Fees During Droughts Homeowner associations can no longer slap fines on residents with dry, brown lawns during droughts under legislation that took effect Monday.
Supporters Rally Around Gov. Jerry Brown For Possible 2016 Presidential Run Supporters are rallying around California Governor Jerry Brown in the hope he will announce his fourth run for the highest political office in the U.S.
California Assembly Approves Fracking BillThe measure includes a requirement that drillers disclose the chemicals they use in the process of hydraulic fracturing.
Leaders Seek To Avoid Early Calif. Inmate ReleasesThe deal relies on the state persuading three federal judges to give California time to let rehabilitation programs work.
Brown Signs $2.1B Bill To Fund Lower-Income School DistrictsGovernor Jerry Brown stopped by a Los Angeles elementary school Monday to sign a bill that provides more state money to low-income schools.
Mother Of 3 Files Complaint With Police After Text Death Threat PrankA mother of three has filed a complaint with police after receiving a series of threatening text messages authorities believe are a prank.
Full Recovery Expected For Brown Pelicans Found Covered In Oil The Coast Guard said they have been unable to locate the source of oil that spilled on at least four brown pelicans near Santa Barbara.
California Voters Gloomy Over Economic Woes A record numbers of absentee ballots may result in a lower turnout, but millions of Californians are heading out today cast their vote.
Fearless Election PredictionsYou don't have to count the days to the election, anymore: no you can count the hours. People sick of flyer-stuffed mailboxes and prerecorded phone pitches say "Thank God." TV, radio, and newspaper sales departments would beg to disagree.