*Not the Kind of Sign, You Might Expect from the Church
Oh Baby! Those 5 Ferraro Quintuplets Make It Home To FullertonThe banner reads "Welcome Home GRACE Plus One."
Murrieta Soldier Killed Days Before He Was Scheduled To Return HomeA 27-year-old Murrieta soldier died Monday, just days before he was scheduled to return home.
BLOG: 1 In 8There is an accent to the voice. "Sandra ...?" She says my last name but it sounds like "Michelle" not "Mitchell." There is a familiar strain to the words. A voice filled with everything that is urgent and meaningful in the world.
You Take The Good AND The Bad...I have been writing my blog for a few weeks now, so I thought it was time to introduce you to my son, Griffin.
Still Rolling In Grammy Gold! Adele Not Taking 5-Year HiatusAdele has confirmed that she isn't taking a five year break from music stardom.
54th Annual Grammy Awards: Red Carpet Hits And Misses Get the info on celebs and musicians on the GRAMMY red carpet and what they're wearing!
LAPD Detective Under Scrutiny For Tweeting Bloody Crime Scene PhotoOn Twitter, Sal LaBarbera is a popular LA detective known as LA Murder Cop. But a tweet he recently sent to his 3,265 followers -- showing a bloody crime scene -- has some questioning if it's appropriate to show something so graphic on social media.
My New Tattoos
The Couch PotatoThe surgeon uses a blue sharpie to write the word "yes" on the right side of my chest. She is indicating where to operate.Yes, I whisper to myself, an affirmation.
"Holding My Breath"Many of you might wonder why I am publicizing such a personal journey. I do it because it's not just my story. It is the story of the 2.5 million women in the U.S. who are breast cancer survivors.