Paintings Of Barack And Michelle Obama Coming To LACMAThe paintings, which were unveiled in 2018 as part of the Smithsonian’s National Portrait Gallery, will go on tour in June 2021 and spend two months at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art.
Report: Parody Video Of President Violently Attacking Press, Adam Schiff, Maxine Waters, Shown At Trump ResortThe setting for the massacre is the "Church of Fake News," capturing Trump's familiar refrain about news stories and organizations that he considers to be fake.
Michelle Obama Rents Out $23M ‘Shark House’ In Hollywood HillsThe Shark House is thus named due to its open-air shark aquarium.
LA Festival To Unveil 'Obama Boulevard' Next To Washington, Adams, Jefferson On 'Presidential Row'The name change honoring former President Barack Obama will replace what is currently Rodeo Road, located between Jefferson Boulevard and Arlington Avenue.
LA County More Than Matches $425,000 Obama Foundation GrantThe Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors approved matching funds to create a $1 million investment in programs aimed at boys and young men of color.
Trump Blames Media For 'Anger' In The US After Suspicious Packages Sent To LA Times, CNN And DemsDonald Trump blamed journalists Thursday for "anger" in the country as suspicious packages continued to target some of the president's most vocal critics.
UPDATES: Explosive Devices Sent To Clintons, Obamas, Maxine Waters, CNN NYC OfficeA sprawling investigation unfolded Wednesday as authorities scrambled to respond to a series of suspicious packages.
Obama Gives Blistering Speech Calling On Voters To Push Back Against Cynicism, TrumpFormer President Barack Obama urged Americans to vote this November in a speech on the "state of our democracy".
LA To Rename Roadway After President ObamaThe 3.5-mile Rodeo Road, not to be confused with the famous Rodeo Drive, will be renamed Obama Boulevard.
Hawaii Wins 2018 Little League World Series Championship, Defeats South Korea 3-0Hawaii allowed just three runs in the entire tournament, shut out four of its five opponents and struck out 53 batters in 34 innings.
Sarah Sanders Apologizes For False Claim About African-American JobsSanders issued a rare correction Tuesday night after falsely declaring that President Donald Trump has created three times as many jobs for African-American workers as former President Barack Obama.