Delta Baggage Handlers Arrested For Looting $100K In Goods From Passengers A current and a former Delta Airlines baggage handler were arrested this week, suspected of looting thousands of dollars in items from luggage at Los Angeles International Airport.
Airlines May Be Forced To Disclose More About Baggage, Reservation FeesThe Transportation Department is proposing new rules that would require carriers to disclose the fees they charge passengers in detail.
Airliners Ask Feds To Delay Deadline For Baggage Fee UpdatesThe nation's biggest airlines want to put off having to be more transparent with customers about baggage and "bumping" policies for at least another couple of months.
LAX Ranks High In Claims Of Stolen Or Missing LuggageIf you are heading to LAX for the holidays, watch out for the valuables in your luggage. TSA receives about 12,000 complaints each year of items lost or stolen from luggage nationwide.
TSA Agent Accused Of Stealing Luggage Items From LAX PassengerPolice say 31-year-old Transportation Security Administration officer Ryan Driscoll was arrested May 10 at Terminal 6 for investigation of felony grand theft.
Government Wants Airlines To Repay Fee After Losing BagYou've already paid $15, $20, even $35 to check your bag on a flight. Then the airline loses it. You don't even get your money back.
Inaccurate Luggage Scales Could Cost You Big MoneyIf you are flying this holiday season, how do you know the luggage scale at the airport is accurate? Before you get hit with big fees, take a look at what we found.