Ventura County To Allow Elementary Schools To Submit Waivers For In-Person InstructionIn counties that are on the state's COVID-19 monitoring list, including Ventura, elementary schools are not allowed to reopen for in-person instruction unless a waiver is granted by local and state health officials.
LAUSD Teachers Prepare For First Day Of Virtual Instruction Following Days Of OrientationPart of the district's agreement with United Teachers Los Angeles, the teachers union, was the flexibility for educators to work on campus or at home — whichever they felt was best for them.
Culver City Mom Calls On School District To Offer Free Learning Pods For All StudentsAs school districts continue to prepare for an online fall semester, many parents are panicked and wondering how they will manage — especially those who cannot afford to pay for private tutors or to join a learning pod.
Beutner Defends Cost Of LAUSD COVID-19 Testing, Tracing ProgramThe program will focus on testing students, staff and families at a cost of $300 per student — millions of dollars over the course of the year.
'We Need More Support': LAUSD Superintendent Austin Beutner Talks Unique Challenges Posed By PandemicAs for parents who want their children back in classrooms at the beginning of the school year, Beutner said now was not the time.
Thinking Of Starting A Learning Pod? Experts Say Parents Should Understand Legal Liability FirstThere have been posts circulating on social media that claim the state's gig worker law, AB5, makes it illegal to hire a tutor in California, but experts said that is not true as long as the tutor comes to the home for a few hours per day and does not also provide childcare.
LAUSD Offers Glimpse Into What Schools Will Look Like Once Students ReturnSuperintendent Austin Buetner said parents will learn more in the coming days as school principals hold virtual town halls ahead of the first day of school.