Aftermath Of East Coast Blizzard Continues To Disrupt Air Travel At LAXIn total, the monster winter storm cancelled more than 11,000 flights nationwide.
Flight Security Measures Under Review After Russian Airliner IncidentFlight security is already extremely thorough as it is, but it could be getting even tighter soon.
How To Travel With ToddlersPractical advice for parents who are planning a trip with their small children.
Latest U.S. Ebola Case Raises Fear Of Flying For SomeConcerns over the transmission of the Ebola virus were heightened Wednesday after reports emerged that a second Texas nurse, who was diagnosed with the virus, had flown on a plane.
Tourists, Homebuyers Will Be Impacted In Government ShutdownAt midnight EST Monday, Congress failed to reach an agreement on a spending bill and parts of the federal government officially shut down.
AAA Projects An Increase In Travel This Holiday Season More people are expected to get away this holiday season as compared to last year.
The Best Ways To Kill Time At LAX
Fourth Of July Travel Dips From Last YearFewer Southern Californians are expected to get on the road and hop on airplanes for the Fourth of July holiday this year.
Gas Prices Hit Record Highs In Time For Christmas TravelEveryone going over the river and through the woods to grandma’s house for Christmas can expect to pay a premium for gas this holiday weekend.
Midwest Snowstorm Delays Flights Departing LAXA huge snowstorm over the Midwest delayed dozens of flights out of Los Angeles International Airport Saturday.
Protesting the TSA's Security ChecksThe newly formed opt-out crowd wants fliers to demand pat-downs next Wednesday, with the goal of slowing long security lines even more. Hmmmm: passive resistance, an effective form of protest since Gandhi, and Selma.