Email Asks For Legal Fund Help For LA County AssessorSupporters of Los Angeles County Assessor John Noguez are being asked to donate money so he can make bail in his public corruption case.
Calif. Sends Aircraft, Personnel To Aid East Coast During SandyThe California National Guard and the state Emergency Management Agency have dispatched aircraft and rescue personnel to aid the East Coast during the superstorm.
'Dream Act' Opponents Corral Signatures From 'Black Friday' Shoppers A grassroots effort to repeal the controversial law is headed to the Inland Empire on Friday.
Sherman: Plan To Continue US Aid To China An 'Insult' To AmericansA San Fernando Valley lawmaker sided with Congressional critics opposed to sending millions of dollars in U.S. aid to the nation's biggest foreign creditor.
'Dream Act' Over? Opponents Say Demand For Petition 'Off The Charts'A Southland celebration of the passage of the California Dream Act could be short-lived.
US Debt Deal Likely To Cut Billions in Calif. Health Care, Education Health care for lower-income residents, transportation and education sectors could all see deep cuts once the federal money is cut off.
Military Families Return From Japan; LA Mayor Convenes Aid PanelThousands of family members of American service personnel stationed in Japan are back in California as officials warn the need for aid following the earthquake and tsunami is still alarmingly high.
LA County Fire Sends Elite Rescue Team To JapanAn elite Los Angeles County Fire Department Urban Search and Rescue team is en route to Japan to assist with search and recovery efforts.
Send Donations To Victims Of Japan's Devastating EarthquakeLos Angeles-based International relief agency Operation USA announced Friday that it will prepare to aid Japan after the country’s largest earthquake on record caused a catastrophic tsunami.
LA County Fire Preparing To Send Rescue Team To JapanThe Los Angeles County Fire Department is preparing to deploy a 74-member team to assist in the rescue and recovery efforts in Japan.
U.S. Navy Sending Aid Ships To JapanThe United States Navy is preparing to send several ships to aid Japan.