Best Places For Acupuncture In Orange CountyAcupuncture can be a bit intimidating simply because it's an unknown to a lot of westerners. These acupuncturists will assure you there is nothing to fear, and will also treat a variety of symptoms without drugs.
By Learning 'Face Mapping' You Could Prevent Disease, Look Better"When you have a dysfunction in a part of your body, it will show up on your face," Dr. Mao says.
Eastern Approach Helps Western Kids Cope With Pain Management At Children's HospitalThe pain management team -- known as the Heart Touch Project -- consists of doctors, psychiatrists, social workers, psychologists, massage therapists, physical therapists and acupuncturists.
New Western Twist On Acupuncture Produces Encouraging ResultsThe eastern practice of acupuncture has long been used in the west to treat body pains such as arthritis, headaches, and joint problems -- now, a modern technique added to the traditional approach is producing electrifying results.
Acupuncture Helps Little Boy Battling Painful DiseaseThe power of acupuncture is helping a 4-year-old boy who is battling a painful disease.
Acupuncturist Pleads Not Guilty To Medicare FraudAn acupuncturist accused of submitting more than $2 million in false claims to Medicare pleaded not guilty in federal court Monday.
More Owners Turning To Holistic Medicine For Their PetsMany people hail acupuncture as an effective alternative to medication for dealing with physical ailments. Now, there are veterinarians who say it can also help heal pets.
OC Man Accused Of Groping Acupuncture PatientProsecutors are asking the public to come forward on behalf of any more victims of a man accused of molesting a woman who came to him for acupuncture treatment.